Sunday, July 29, 2007


While bored, I decided to look through the teen vogue website. The first thing that popped up right in the middle of the screen was a link to teen vogue's 10 best dressed for this month, so I check it out.

And oh how utterly astonished I was at what teen vogue choses. . .

It's understandable Jessica Alba (thanks anonymous) got number one wearing this Vintage Nettie Rosenstein, because, HELLO, it's gorgeous!

This is also SUCH a gorgeous choice. Agnus Dean (wearing Preen) looks just fabulous in yellow. H-O-T-T!

Now here's where things get a little iffy. This is Kate Bosworth wearing a belted shirt dress, and, well, nothing special, at all. How did this get in the top 10? I like the belt a lot, but the dress is okay and I would have chosen a different bag. There's no way I would I have ever put this on the top 10, there must have been some badly dressed people this month if this number made it. And before I forget . . . Yay for Kate, who looks so much better these days.

Jenny Lewis in Rodarte, I have just a few questions: What is this? Why is it number 4? Has the world gone totally insane (though fab shoes!)?

This is vintage Prada, and nice. I like the color, but it is WAY too short, and the back makes Chloe look like one of Cinderella's evil step sisters before the ball.

I don't care if Emma Watson has one of the most famous young roles around, and I don't care if this is Chanel Haute Couture, because this is A.W.F.U.L! No excuses!!! What is Teen Vogue thinking!?!(Though I like those simple shoes Emma's wearing)

I guess Keira didn't have to be on a runway or show to get best dressed, she just has to go grocery shopping. I really like this look Keira pulled of, and I am totally in love with that bag! I'm still not a fan of her.

Tallulah Willis wearing Kate Moss For Topshop. I'm not sure what I think about it, something tells me I should totally hate it, but for some reason I really like it, and reminds me of teen vogue (maybe they haven't lost all hope)!

Kate Moss wearing Vintage? I don't think so. The dress reminds me of something medieval, and though not entirely (uuhh) tragic, I wouldn't put it on the 10 best dressed, defiantly. And what's with those horrible shoes?


I don't think I could wear this dress my self, but it's really good on Emma, it gives her a more funky feel. I think it deserves to be on the best dressed, though tip to Emma: it's summer! LAY OUT IN THE SUN!

I really hope Teen Vogue just had an off moment when posting this, because it's like my favorite magazine.

Wait. Do you think this could be the work of the world's worst intern ever, Lauren Conrad? It could all be part of a big plan she has to take over teen vogue. I mean hello, she is on like her second cover already.
Could be . . .

*until next time
x sara o


Kat said...

I agree. Some of those looks are nothing special especially that Jenny Lewis and Kate Moss has seen better outfits really. Keira looks great though. I love how hers tyle is really laid back but still very fashionable.
Nice blog:-)

Kira Fashion said...

What an amazing fashion team you picked!

a kiss

you are so cool!

Carolina Lange said...

I agree, I also don't like Emma Watson's dress! And I love Keira's look, as allways! And I can't forget Kate Moss, she looks great too!

Romeika said...

OMG, that Emma Watson dress is indeed awful..ewwww Who cares who designed it, it's just not flattering, and it doesn't suit her young age:-S

I love 1950s like dress, Biel looks so femminine. And for Keira, i LOVE her hats..


Anonymous said...

erm. d first one is jessica alba. nt jessica biel as u wrote.

anyhow, agyness looks d best among the rest!

sara said...

Oh anonymous, thanks so much I got the last names mixed up. appreciate it.

x sara o

penelope said...

jenny lewis and emma w are lyk.. the worst. and i feel kinda bad cos i love love emma!!

haha, love d jab at LC but still, i love tt girl!!

loved yr blog!! gna link!!


cotton candy said...

i actually like kate bosworth's dress although i might have shortened it by an inch to reveal my knees...but yes, im so old school here and i like the feel that the dress + belt gives off. ^^

penelope said...

thanks for yr comment.. chanel chanel.. hope tt spring summer 08 wont be an utter flop again!!


Romeika said...

I guess it's so many jessicas out there people get confused *lol*

Nice to see Bosworth looks healthier.

Kira Fashion said...

I dont know if i already said, but i loved that amazing look from Kate classy to go to a car wash!

a kiss

From Lily With Love said...

I think Keira's awesome and I love her style.
When I came to the picture of Emma Watson i nearly had a heart attack. What is with the feather should pad things? Scary. . .

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Yeah...they picked pretty bad choices!

penelope said...

haha thanks for yr comment!!
yupp agyness is an icon in her own right!! House of Holland tees are practically her stuff!!!

Romeika said...

re:Sara, where exactly do you live? Because this skinny jeans thing is indeed "old" in trend terms, isn't it? But don't mind the trends, i mean, as long as you really like a garment or certain accessories, you should wear it no matter what. If you love hats, go for it! ^^

Kira Fashion said...

Thanks for passing back!

a kiss


PS -
Kate moss must date Pete again? You know, he said he wants...

Kira Fashion said...

Thanks for passing again!

You are so cool ;)

miss fashion said...

i totally agree. most of the outfits were totally over the top or just plan awful.

Chelsea said...

I think that with Emma,they should have left off the fur cape,the fur on the bottom an the see through part and it would have been a cute look

Daisy L said...

I can't Believe that you think that Emma Roberts Should lay out in the sun!! She is beautifull in her pail skin, not to mention helthy and she probably has no change of getting skin cancer any time soo by staying pale... so my message to you Emma is :pale skin is pretty too! stay helthy girl!!

Anonymous said...

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