Sunday, July 29, 2007


While bored, I decided to look through the teen vogue website. The first thing that popped up right in the middle of the screen was a link to teen vogue's 10 best dressed for this month, so I check it out.

And oh how utterly astonished I was at what teen vogue choses. . .

It's understandable Jessica Alba (thanks anonymous) got number one wearing this Vintage Nettie Rosenstein, because, HELLO, it's gorgeous!

This is also SUCH a gorgeous choice. Agnus Dean (wearing Preen) looks just fabulous in yellow. H-O-T-T!

Now here's where things get a little iffy. This is Kate Bosworth wearing a belted shirt dress, and, well, nothing special, at all. How did this get in the top 10? I like the belt a lot, but the dress is okay and I would have chosen a different bag. There's no way I would I have ever put this on the top 10, there must have been some badly dressed people this month if this number made it. And before I forget . . . Yay for Kate, who looks so much better these days.

Jenny Lewis in Rodarte, I have just a few questions: What is this? Why is it number 4? Has the world gone totally insane (though fab shoes!)?

This is vintage Prada, and nice. I like the color, but it is WAY too short, and the back makes Chloe look like one of Cinderella's evil step sisters before the ball.

I don't care if Emma Watson has one of the most famous young roles around, and I don't care if this is Chanel Haute Couture, because this is A.W.F.U.L! No excuses!!! What is Teen Vogue thinking!?!(Though I like those simple shoes Emma's wearing)

I guess Keira didn't have to be on a runway or show to get best dressed, she just has to go grocery shopping. I really like this look Keira pulled of, and I am totally in love with that bag! I'm still not a fan of her.

Tallulah Willis wearing Kate Moss For Topshop. I'm not sure what I think about it, something tells me I should totally hate it, but for some reason I really like it, and reminds me of teen vogue (maybe they haven't lost all hope)!

Kate Moss wearing Vintage? I don't think so. The dress reminds me of something medieval, and though not entirely (uuhh) tragic, I wouldn't put it on the 10 best dressed, defiantly. And what's with those horrible shoes?


I don't think I could wear this dress my self, but it's really good on Emma, it gives her a more funky feel. I think it deserves to be on the best dressed, though tip to Emma: it's summer! LAY OUT IN THE SUN!

I really hope Teen Vogue just had an off moment when posting this, because it's like my favorite magazine.

Wait. Do you think this could be the work of the world's worst intern ever, Lauren Conrad? It could all be part of a big plan she has to take over teen vogue. I mean hello, she is on like her second cover already.
Could be . . .

*until next time
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

London's here!

Okay I am SO totally sorry for not posting in what feels like forever (and I was on such a good streak before)! I've been so busy with painting my room (again), which I will post pictures of later, and a little bit of advice: NEVER paint your room by yourself, ESPECIALLY when doing stripes, it sucks so bad!!! There's so much I need to talk about.

Anyway. - - After watching a commercial for Mika's "Life In Cartoon Motion" album, I was captivated enough to do a post about him. Now you may have noticed Mika under FASHIONABLE MALE (sidebar), and I don't think I'm the only one who will agree that he is just oh so fashionable. As well as being MAJOR hot! And has like super great music! Could he be any more perfect?

So maybe, not everyone knows who Mika is, so here's a brief of his life: Mika, originally named Mica, was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, but raised in London. The 23 year old did little stints until he came out with his first big single, which you might have heard: "Relax, Take It Easy" (watch) In January 2007, Mika released his single "Grace Kelly" (watch) which was and still is a fantastic hit. And finally in February, he released his first album "Life In Cartoon Motion." Along with Grace Kelly, Love Today (watch), and Big Girl You Are Beautiful (watch), wich I used in one of my spanish projects, will probably go up to be a hit single. But his whole album is really just amazing! Defiantly look into Mika, the guy has like 3 and a half octives (whatever that means)!

I don't care how many speculations of his sexuality there's been, there is no denying how great he looks! Love the outfit!

Playing it down with some cool white converse, which I think a couple of friends of mine have as well as a fellow blogger (PBAW).

Suspenders, awesome!

OH NO! What's he doing with Perez Hilton?! Gosh, why does he do that to his hair?

Aside from Mika, there has been another break through performance of a fellow Londoner . . . POSH! That's right the most famous Spice Girl aired "Victoria Beckham Coming To America," last Tuesday and it was actually quite funny (you can see the full episode here on Thought at times I thought Victoria could be a bit harsh, her British sense of humor was fabulous! Or it might have been just me, since I thought knickers instead of panties was just absolutely hilarious! I do hope they air more episodes, but if you just really can't wait you could stop by her Spice Girls Reunion Tour. Now that will be a show to remember!

The famous London turned American couple, themselves on the cover of W. I must say, Victoria's hair looks amazing here.

Now we all agree David Beckham is pretty darn hot, but come on Becks, tighty whities, - - you have more decency (and self respect) than that.
And I think he's getting too old for me to say nice butt -

Well, it's off to bed for me, but don't worry I'll leave you with a few words from Victoria Beckham herself:


x sara o

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


After falling in love with Mean Creek I decided to watch more Indie Films.

Some of the films on my list are(I'm not sure if all of them are Independent films):


Last night, my friends and I watched this movie that I had been dieing to see (You may have noticed it in the side bar under "MOVIE I NEED TO SEE". The film, was very odd . . . It was good, but odd and strange, but still very good. I recomend it. You can see the trailer here.

After seeing an ad for this film and seeing that the main character was Rupert Grint, this film went straight on my list of must sees (look at side bar under "MOVIE I NEED TO SEE"). Harry was whatever, but Ron was the best character in The Harry Potter movies, and I can't wait to see his performance without the famous trio. Though he has had 2 TV movies, and one movie called "Thunder Pants," I think this one is different than those. Can't wait! Trailer is here.

Looks like Carly Schroeder has a thing for Independent Films. Carly, plays the main character, Gracie. She also played one of the main characters in Mean Creek. In the film, Gracie trys out for her brother's place on the varsity soccer team. From the trailer the film looks really good.

I think I heard of this movie on Yahoo!Answers. It's about 2 souther girls going to Atlanta. This looks like SUCH a funny movie. It stars Anna Faris and Laura Breckenridge. The trailer is here

When a young boy delivers a baby and sais he's going to marry her, 25 years later he's trying to stick to his word. I really want to see this. The trailer is here.

This seems like such a different role for Katie Holmes. Looks like a good movie. Watch.

Any more good ones, please tell.

x sara o

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let it Slip

So checking my e-mail the other day I took the time to open one of the Elie Tahari e-mails (which I don't remember subscribing). I opened up to a page with this 400 dollar, Miranda Dress. Of course the thin fabric of the dress is quite noticeable, and obviously a slip would have to be worn with the dress. The thought of slips brought me back to those I saw in Urban Outfitters months ago.

Urban Outfitters, and just about everywhere else, began having slips and nighties. And in honor of this expensive dress I thought I should show off a few.

This Solid Black Gauze Slip, is very simple and cute. I like it. And not to mention it is practically a steal, $11.99, and also comes in pink. urban out.

this Betsey Johnson Mixed Print Slip is more of a bed-time slip. here it is
I don't know why you would wear this Mary Green Mesh Flapper Slip, unless maybe more volume under a dress. Hmmm. . .

This Betsey Johnson piece is suppost (yeah I know it's not a slip) to be a Sleep Shirt, but is worn pretty nice here. Also comes in white.

If you don't feel like a slip, a romper might do. How about this Paul Frank Nadia Romper, I really love it.

This Betsey Johnson Intimates Babydoll Daisy Slip would be quite nice for sleep.

This Sparkle and Fade Parfait Slip is really nice, and can be pulled off as a dress with another slip under neath (shown above). Comes in Turquoise too.

Well, this isn't a slip, but I saw it and just fell in love. I love the hippy look and feel to it, very calming. Paired with some long necklaces would be great. Other than the necklace pictured above there is also:

How badly I want a slip.

x sara o

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Looking at the post I did about 7.07.07 I discovered a hateful comment (which I deleted afterward) that I just don't understand.

Anonymous said...
I hate you and I hate all the americans, they bring the world sadness and hatred and sorrow, and why? nobody no.but I know, you are bad people, of course not the all but the most.

July 11, 2007 3:21 PM

What the freak does this got to do with Live Earth? And why send it to me.

*If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. If you've got a problem with Americans then I'm sorry. But if you can't even take credit for something you wrote, well doesn't that just say something.

x sara o

*new post below


Flipping through the new Delias catalog I was really impressed with the great stuff. Everything is at

A big thing this fall will most defiantly be layering with turtle necks. I really like the look, and can be worn so many different ways. The jumper is also nice.

I love how this trench is worn here, and also don't forget about those tights this fall. This outfit SCREAMS fall!

I am really in the mood for these flowy tops and skinny jeans.

Another example of a turtle neck with an adorable fall tank.

I would go though all the logo tees, but there are just too many! I chose this one because when I was a little girl the La Madeline books were my favorite.

One of my favorite things is CARDIGANS!! And I just love this boyfriend cardigan.

Another cardigan I love. The color is so right.

This is such a classic chic school girl skirt. I am in L O V E.

This is a great fall jacket and would be perfect with some leather boots and jeans. I have to say this jacket looks like a modernized detective jacket.
If these boots were leather they would be perfect.

I desperatley need a pair of black flats, and these are perfect.

I don't think I could wear these, but they are still so cute. They remind me of the 90's.

This is a great fall necklace.

I, personally, don't like this necklace. But if you want a knock-off of those Marc Jacobs watches.

Look out for the Delias catalog or go to

x sara o