Wednesday, July 18, 2007


After falling in love with Mean Creek I decided to watch more Indie Films.

Some of the films on my list are(I'm not sure if all of them are Independent films):


Last night, my friends and I watched this movie that I had been dieing to see (You may have noticed it in the side bar under "MOVIE I NEED TO SEE". The film, was very odd . . . It was good, but odd and strange, but still very good. I recomend it. You can see the trailer here.

After seeing an ad for this film and seeing that the main character was Rupert Grint, this film went straight on my list of must sees (look at side bar under "MOVIE I NEED TO SEE"). Harry was whatever, but Ron was the best character in The Harry Potter movies, and I can't wait to see his performance without the famous trio. Though he has had 2 TV movies, and one movie called "Thunder Pants," I think this one is different than those. Can't wait! Trailer is here.

Looks like Carly Schroeder has a thing for Independent Films. Carly, plays the main character, Gracie. She also played one of the main characters in Mean Creek. In the film, Gracie trys out for her brother's place on the varsity soccer team. From the trailer the film looks really good.

I think I heard of this movie on Yahoo!Answers. It's about 2 souther girls going to Atlanta. This looks like SUCH a funny movie. It stars Anna Faris and Laura Breckenridge. The trailer is here

When a young boy delivers a baby and sais he's going to marry her, 25 years later he's trying to stick to his word. I really want to see this. The trailer is here.

This seems like such a different role for Katie Holmes. Looks like a good movie. Watch.

Any more good ones, please tell.

x sara o


Tru said...

I've seen pieces of april and its okay nothing special to tell you the truth. the only worth while scene is when someone's takes her turkey hostage and she reports it to the police. I really really want to see Driving Lessons though

Romeika said...

OMG, from these films i only saw "Pieces of April". It's not always easy to get to see many independent films, as movie theaters hardly premiere them, and blockbuster videostores don't help either.

Some indie films i watched this year: "The Secret Life of Words", "Exiled" (it's not american indie, but it's an asian film, which doesn't happen to open in theaters regularly), "Gretchen" (it was just ok, but you could give it a try), "Sweet Mud" (israeli film), "Executive Koala" (underground japanese film, so absurd that it's funny), "Sherrybaby" (Maggie Gyllenhaal is so great in it), "I'm Reed Fish" (sorta of a romantic comedy).

Most of them i saw during the danish film festival on a single exhibition, it's a shame we can't see it often in theaters.


Alison said...

I officially have to see Driving Lessons, it looks ah-mazing and Rupert Grint is awesome

Seraphine said...

Pieces of April was ok. It didn't quite resonate with me.

There's a French movie I saw last month that was GREAT! It's playing in the states as The Valet, or in French, La Doublure

Jennifer said...

I'm going to bookmark this page from your blog, I've been wanting to watch more indie films too but havent gotten around to it, thanks for the suggestions!

fashionistakay said...

The movies look interesting-there are Indie movies out there that are pretty spectacular. Or at least I would think I mean look at Sundance channel! GRACIE looks pretty good.Wish I would have seen it in theatres

princessj said...

Mean creek was amazing

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Kira Fashion said...

amazing movies!

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Kira Fashion said...

amazing movies!

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