Sunday, September 23, 2007

GG, Vogue sept, Alice -- ahhh

On Wednesday, for the first time in a while I had some time to kill, so I spent it watching the season premiere of Gossip Girl on the CW. The show wasn't too bad, but you could defiantly tell it was made by the makers of the OC, because there was some bad acting here and there. Overall the show wasn't AMAZING, which I really thought it was going to be, but I'd probably watch the next one (though I doubt I'll have time).

Anyway, I had some awesome pics of outfits I wore last week, but coincidentaly my sister deleted them from the camera (uhhh!). So instead I'll enlighten you with ads from this month's VOGUE. The issue was the biggest ever, and I don't think I'll ever find time to read it, but I did have a chance to flick through to some ads.

The GAP ads are my favorite out of all of the ads. They're so simple and classic. I especially love the ad with Selma Blair and Lucy Liu. But I think my favorite is the one the old ladie's leg over her head (i don't know who it is), the ad made me laugh so hard!

Chanel ads sucked! What is with that horrible tweed and penguin sweater. What happened to the classieness of Chanel. I don't think this is what Coco imagined for Chanel at all.

OH those Dolce and Gabona ads, they are always just so wild!
And just in case you couldn't see.

This is a way cool ad for Balenciaga.

I'm not sure what designer this is for but their ad is perfect, simple and classic.

Chloe ads are some of my favorite! I love the spacy, poloroid picture look of them.

Okay this Moschino ad was such a happy ad! This one is also one of my very favorites out of the issue. Gosh I love it!

I don't often see Kate Spade ads so this was a nice surprise. The ads were cute and whimsical.

I love keds and I love Keds ads, they're just so awesome! MB was defiantly the best thing that ever happened to Keds. (sorry about the picture)

Juicy Couture ads are always very fun, and this one doesn't let down!

I'm not liking this ad very much, it's just . . . awkward.

I don't know why JP Gautier chooses to do these kind of ads! They look cheap and odd!

I must say, I didn't exactly know how I felt about Vera Wang doing a line for Kohl's, but after seeing it I fell in love, it's AMAZING! The clothes are beyond pretty! Though they are still a bit expensive, they'll go on sale! (I'm loving that ruffled cardigan)

And speeking of new lines . . .
Target's new GO: International Flights of Fashion Designer is Alice Temperely! I'm so excited to go check it out, I saw her commercial and totally fell in love with everything!
, can't wait to see more! (no i don't know why my computer turned her blue).

I'm way excited!

x sara o

*sorry about not posting last week, was overloaded with work!

photo credits - vogue, target

Sunday, September 9, 2007


So on Thursday I woke up late and had nothing to wear. It looked like it was going to be a pretty bad day. For some reason I went into my mom's closet and found this awesome tank. My mom bought it at a thrift store years ago. I wonder why I never noticed it before? Anyways, it pretty much saved the day for me.

And on to something on my wish list:
Like 2 weeks ago I saw one of my friends, Veronica wearing this great simple tank dress from American Apparel. So I went online to check it out, and I totally fell in love with the dress in yellow (though the black wasn't bad either)!!! It's so simple and perfect.

And while browsing J. I found this wonderfull winter coat.

The pale color would go great with dark jeans! Too bad it's WAY out of my price range.


x sara o

Saturday, September 1, 2007


*First off I totally have to thank Jennifer of Mahalo Fashion for awarding me with a ROCKING GIRL BLOGGER award! This so made my day!

And on with the post . . .
Since I have about zero time for tv, music is basically the only thing I can fit in to my busy schedule. Yet even with the hundreds of songs on my ipod, sometimes I'm only in the mood for just a couple and lately I've been in the mood for . . .

The Shins
I used to listen to The Shins all the time, but over the summer I never listened to them. Then one day in my art class I fell in love all over again. Some Favorites include: Phantom Limb, Caring is Creepy, Girl Inform Me, and New Slang.

The Silversun Pickups started to play on the radio a ton in the beginning of the summer, and though I'm not a HUGE fan, I love their sound. Listen: Rusted Wheel, Well Thought Out Twinkles, and Lazy Eye.

I woke up one morning and could not keep "Manic Monday" out of my head. I love The Bangles clothes here.

I guess it was a week day thing because before Manic Monday, I was into Friday I'm In Love, by The Cure, and there's also Love Song and Close To Me by The Cure. And no, they don't look scary at all here . . .

I love Pete Yorn's song The Man, it puts you in another world.

I can't even list everything I can't get enough of by David Gray, he's so FREAKING amazing. But right now it's two that I'm always listening to: Please Forgive Me and Alibi

Puddle of Mud is probably one of those bands that I can't stand, but for some reason I kine of like Famous.

I believe I heard this band on a fellow blogger's blog (I will try to find out), and it's pretty cool. --Banquet

I don't know much about Led Zeppelin but I heard Going to California on 92.9 and it was super good. Gosh, they look so hott here!!

The last time I listened to Dido was about 4 years ago, but when I saw the commercial for Becoming Jane I just loved the song (Don't Leave Home), as well as Life For Rent.

Though I'm not a fan on The Counting Crows' newer stuff for Shrek and what not, I will never get tired of their older songs, like A Long December, Round Here, Mr. Jones, and Hanging Around This Town

Any other recommendations for music please tell.

x sara o

*sorry for the last post, it stunk