Tuesday, July 24, 2007

London's here!

Okay I am SO totally sorry for not posting in what feels like forever (and I was on such a good streak before)! I've been so busy with painting my room (again), which I will post pictures of later, and a little bit of advice: NEVER paint your room by yourself, ESPECIALLY when doing stripes, it sucks so bad!!! There's so much I need to talk about.

Anyway. - - After watching a commercial for Mika's "Life In Cartoon Motion" album, I was captivated enough to do a post about him. Now you may have noticed Mika under FASHIONABLE MALE (sidebar), and I don't think I'm the only one who will agree that he is just oh so fashionable. As well as being MAJOR hot! And has like super great music! Could he be any more perfect?

So maybe, not everyone knows who Mika is, so here's a brief of his life: Mika, originally named Mica, was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, but raised in London. The 23 year old did little stints until he came out with his first big single, which you might have heard: "Relax, Take It Easy" (watch) In January 2007, Mika released his single "Grace Kelly" (watch) which was and still is a fantastic hit. And finally in February, he released his first album "Life In Cartoon Motion." Along with Grace Kelly, Love Today (watch), and Big Girl You Are Beautiful (watch), wich I used in one of my spanish projects, will probably go up to be a hit single. But his whole album is really just amazing! Defiantly look into Mika, the guy has like 3 and a half octives (whatever that means)!

I don't care how many speculations of his sexuality there's been, there is no denying how great he looks! Love the outfit!

Playing it down with some cool white converse, which I think a couple of friends of mine have as well as a fellow blogger (PBAW).

Suspenders, awesome!

OH NO! What's he doing with Perez Hilton?! Gosh, why does he do that to his hair?

Aside from Mika, there has been another break through performance of a fellow Londoner . . . POSH! That's right the most famous Spice Girl aired "Victoria Beckham Coming To America," last Tuesday and it was actually quite funny (you can see the full episode here on nbc.com). Thought at times I thought Victoria could be a bit harsh, her British sense of humor was fabulous! Or it might have been just me, since I thought knickers instead of panties was just absolutely hilarious! I do hope they air more episodes, but if you just really can't wait you could stop by her Spice Girls Reunion Tour. Now that will be a show to remember!

The famous London turned American couple, themselves on the cover of W. I must say, Victoria's hair looks amazing here.

Now we all agree David Beckham is pretty darn hot, but come on Becks, tighty whities, - - you have more decency (and self respect) than that.
And I think he's getting too old for me to say nice butt -

Well, it's off to bed for me, but don't worry I'll leave you with a few words from Victoria Beckham herself:


x sara o


Kira Fashion said...

I listened Mika...you are right..he is so cool!
that pics are amazing too!

about VB...she is so well dresses lately ;)

a kiss

Tru said...

Mika is a fabulously dressed male unfortunatly I do remeber reading somewhere that he was gay *shrugs*

Romeika said...

Mika definetely has great style...but i haven't listened to his music yet...

The photos on W magazine, i've seen before, it was pretty interesting, but i think the style proposed for the magazine in this shoot doesn't suit their life style, it looked weird.

Kira Fashion said...

Thanks for passing again!

a kiss fashion :)


Kira Fashion said...

Anna Wintour is not someone so lovely...for sure.

you are so right!

a kiss

alexgirl said...

I'll have to check out Mika. I've heard the name, but I have no freakin' clue what he sounds like.

I love Posh spice! That TV special when she moved here was priceless! She's hilarious.

cotton candy said...

im not such a great mika fan but he is definetly a great dresser. and you're right, suspenders are just plain fabolous!! =D

fashionistakay said...

I loved Spice Girls when I was little.Still like their songs.Problem though when I was 7 or 8 I wasn't very good at taking care of my CDs. Which included SPICE GIRLS, had to throw it away due to Horrible scratches.But I saw that program on V. Beckham on BRAVO channel and I loved it. I don't feel the need to know about every celebs personal life, but the program was interesting. And I loved the clothes Victoria wore and how she posed for her Driver's License even, hilarious.

Jennifer said...

I love mika his music is awesome and he has a great sense of style.
the posh and becks ads are so steamy!

Emma said...

Ah, VickBeck, she is so beautifully insane.

Carolina Lange said...

Mika has a great style!
And about Victoria, she looks great in W magazine. Her body is amazing!

Anonymous said...

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