Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Wackness

I haven't posted about an independent film in a while, but I have finally seen previews for one that looks WAY good.

The movies is called "THE WACKNESS."
I don't know much about it, except that it's based around a teenage drug dealer, and a therapist along with his daughter.
The film stars some pretty familiar faces.

Josh Peck

Who you'll remember from Nickelodeon and a favorite of mine, Mean Creak.

Ben Kingsley

Famous name, who's been in many films including "House of Sand and Fog"

Olivia Thirlby

The girl who played Juno McGuff's best friend in the recent "Juno."

Method Man

I've never heard of this guy, but from the photos I saw of him, he seems to be some sort of rapper.

Mary-Kate Olsen

And no doubt we all know who this, though I'm not exactly sure how big her part in the movie is.

I heard about Wackness from a friend, and I also am way interested because Josh Peck, who turned out way better looking than anyone would have thought, is in it, and the title is neat, though I know the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover," I think it looks good. The trailer is below.

I can't wait until I see it!

x sara o

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

It's been a very happy day, and I think it's because it's Earth Day. I was going to walk to school, but I had to go in early so couldn't. But there is good Earth friendly news -
The head of the Environmental Club has finally gotten back to me, and it seems like we've got an awesome project on our hands. Every year there's "The Taste of Alpharetta" were thousands of people gather on one street and try food, play, and whatever. The event has never done anything about recycling, but this year will, and it seems we will be in charge of it. I can't wait, it seems like a really cool project, and I will be very happy not to see trashcans over flowing with recyclable plastic bottles!

Also, this past weekend my family and I planted a bunch of vegetables. I planted more flowers, and while doing so I noticed my sunflowers are already growing, I'm way excited and I hope they grow to their full size (6ft-12ft)! Now I'm working on getting a compost pile together, which will be very cool.

For You:
To learn some green tips visit

Green Clothing:
There's SO many places you can find awesome Earth-friendly clothing. Popular and easy-to-find stores like H&M, GAP, and Nike, have


Many of the Product Red apparel is made from 100% Tencel, which is all natural fibers.


Lucky Brand:
Lucky Brand makes some of their clothing from 100% organic cotton, like the t-shirt below.

And you don't just have to buy earth-friendly clothing, there's biking, walking, and much more.


x sara o

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogs & HOSE

2 posts in one month, I'm improving!

First off, my blog list on the left side has shrunk considerably, because I went through the list of blogs I have on the left side and deleted many that hadn't posted in a number of months. If I deleted your blog and you were just on a bit of a non-posting streak, than please comment and tell me, and I will be sure to add you again. Also, there are many new blogs that I haven't added yet but have commented on my blog, If you'd like me to add you, just comment and let me know, I'd be more than happy to add new blogs.

Now for a bit of fashion.
Although I'm in a dilemma for summer clothes, it seems fall lines are already here, and according to, red tights are BIG for fall!


Jasmine Di Milo


Betsey Johnson (like we couldn't tell)

And your reaction? Surprisingly, I'm really liking the red tights, I think their fun and unexpected, plus amazingly versatile!

If the red tights have captured you than look no further than our trusty American apparel to carry the bright leg wear.

Paprika hose

Red Hose

"Poppy" hose, for an even brighter take.

Still on fashion:
While looking for the red hose above on American Apparel, I find myself lusting over the some other tights as well:

My favorite color being the yellow, these mustard hose are defiantly a perfect pair for myself, I really love them!

Forest hose - I just like them.

Plum tights have already been a big trend, but I still really like them, their soft yet deep color is irresistible, and I would still wear them.

Last note - School starts again tomorrow so the next time I post, I'm not quite sure, but I really will try my best to post soon!

x sara o

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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Yes, Yes, I know, I've been the most awful person at posting, it's been over a month since my last post, but school is my first priority. Thankfully spring break started and since I am not going anywhere I have plenty of time to blog!

There are many things I would love to accomplish druing my spring break, and hopefully most of them can be accomplished.

1. Today is a cold, rainy, and dreary day, so I can't do much, but tomorrow it will be 75 degrees and sunny, perfect for me to start my garden! I've been wanting to start a garden for quite a while, but had no time. The first thing I would like to plant are sunflowers!

Oh, how they make me feel happy!

2. I'd also like to plant carrots. An odd choice I guess, but ever since I watched Alice and Wonderland, I have been wanting to plant carrots, I love that movie so much.

3. And with all of my free time I do plan on shopping quite a bit. There are a few things I'm looking for:

I have been admiring gladiator sandals for so long, now. I think they are the most versatile sandals.

My perfect pair is this pair on Michelle Williams.

I have so much winter clothes, and have worn them for quite a while, I think I'm ready to bring forward spring, and that calls for an updated wardrobe. Skirts are an essential for spring, I really am going to try to wear jeans less often.

long skirt:

I am in love with long, floor length skirts, even though they'll make me look so much shorter than I already am.

denim skirt:

This is one of my favorite denim pencil skirts I've seen, though it is sadly way out of my price range. Deborah Sweeney Arizona Skirt

This skirt seems a bit old, but I really love it, it's sweet and simple.

loose skirt:

OVERALLS: They may be lame, but I am so into wearing a pair!


I've been really into the floral look lately.

I think the floral look would look great with an awesome pair of gladiator sandals. Now if only I could find a pair . . .

This is called the "ombre print dress." I don't know what ombre is, but I like the dress very much.

For school longer dresses would defiantly be less of a worry, especially when going up the stairs.

I showed this dress in yellow a while back, and I still love it, it's versatile as a dress or over jeans.

This free people dress is really nice.

I think this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress is really fun!


Suprisingly these are Juicy Couture, and really nice.



4. Okay, so there's more to my break I'd like to do than shopping. I also love watching movies, and there have been some great movies that have come out and I haven't seen yet.

I have been dieing to see Be Kind Rewind. The plot is simple and fun, all the movies get erased, so they remake them, and it looks hilarious.

This film looks incredible, and I love the story.

"Smart People" with Ellen Page, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Dennis Quaid looks quite funny.

And although all these films look so good, I'm no fan of paying 10 bucks to see a movie, so instead I'll have to catch up on some that have already come out.

"Southern Belles" has been the film I need to see for a long time, and I really need to get around to watching it.

Alice in Wonderland again, but this time in the unanimated film. I've seen it before but not in a very long time.

I wanted this film to win for best animated film at the oscars, but sadly it didn't, though it still won the equivlant in France and many indie awards. Persepolis is a coming of age story of a girl in the midst of the Iranian Revolution, I would love to see this, being Iranian myself, I think animation was a nice way to put this bit of history.

5. And a last thing to do is read Geat Expectations by Charles Dickens for school.

And now it's time for me to begin those things, but I will post as my break continues. And again sorry for the long wait!

x sara o