Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let it Slip

So checking my e-mail the other day I took the time to open one of the Elie Tahari e-mails (which I don't remember subscribing). I opened up to a page with this 400 dollar, Miranda Dress. Of course the thin fabric of the dress is quite noticeable, and obviously a slip would have to be worn with the dress. The thought of slips brought me back to those I saw in Urban Outfitters months ago.

Urban Outfitters, and just about everywhere else, began having slips and nighties. And in honor of this expensive dress I thought I should show off a few.

This Solid Black Gauze Slip, is very simple and cute. I like it. And not to mention it is practically a steal, $11.99, and also comes in pink. urban out.

this Betsey Johnson Mixed Print Slip is more of a bed-time slip. here it is
I don't know why you would wear this Mary Green Mesh Flapper Slip, unless maybe more volume under a dress. Hmmm. . .

This Betsey Johnson piece is suppost (yeah I know it's not a slip) to be a Sleep Shirt, but is worn pretty nice here. Also comes in white.

If you don't feel like a slip, a romper might do. How about this Paul Frank Nadia Romper, I really love it.

This Betsey Johnson Intimates Babydoll Daisy Slip would be quite nice for sleep.

This Sparkle and Fade Parfait Slip is really nice, and can be pulled off as a dress with another slip under neath (shown above). Comes in Turquoise too.

Well, this isn't a slip, but I saw it and just fell in love. I love the hippy look and feel to it, very calming. Paired with some long necklaces would be great. Other than the necklace pictured above there is also:

How badly I want a slip.

x sara o


London Fashion Girl said...

I love the Paul Frank Nadia Romper you should definently get it, I have a similar one. TRES CONFORTABLE.

Meg said...

I love being surprised by nice things in normally not-so-great e-subscriptions. I'm pretty sure I've only signed up to most because I wanted something else too.

Kira Fashion said...

all dresses are so cool and sweet at the same time...

a kiss and a hug!
have a nice day


Romeika said...

Oh lovely summer outfits... I adore the first look with the black tights and white pumps, it looks so fresh and romantic.


Jennifer said...

that pendant is gorgeous, I love the first dress!