Thursday, August 2, 2007

Indie Film Night

Last night, a couple friends and I had another one of our Indie Film Nights.

The two I chose for last night were: Driving Lessons and Mysterious Skin.


I really only got this movie, because Rupert Grint (Ron: Harry Potter films, in case you didn't know . )was in the film. But it also got the official selection of The Tribeca Film Festival, so I expected great things. But I was sadly disappointed. The film was boring and didn't meet expectations at all. Rupert Grint (I dare say) wasn't even that hot in the movie.


I wasn't actually planning on getting this film, but I saw the guy on the cover, and he was soo HOT! You may remember him from 10 Things I Hate About You. Anyways I didn't know much about the movie or if it even was an indie film, until I saw the trailer, and the movie actually got Official Selection at a bunch of Film Festivals.
The Film was really good! One of the best parts was Joseph Gordon-Levitt being so freaking good looking. And also it was an amazing cast, all really great actors.
The film's storyline is a little odd and just like L.I.E., there's a lot of gays. Defiantly see this movie, it's so worth it.

The cast included Joseph, Michelle Trachtenberg (Ice Princess), and Jeffrey Licon, who you may remember from the Nick show Brothers Garcia.

The cast also included Brady Corbet.

Joshep G.L. in 10 Things I Hate About You, he was 18 at the time.

The cast all together.


Any more recommendations please tell.

x sara o
2. 08. 08


From Lily With Love said...

Darn! Sad to hear that Driving Lessons was disapointed. I wanted to see that movie. I probably still will, but...

From Lily With Love said...

*disapointing. sry.

cotton candy said...

OH OH OH!! it's him!! that guy! he looks horrible on that film cover though...but he was so adorable in 10 things i hate about you!!

Jennifer said...

I want to see driving lessons it looks so good, thank you for sharing these movies with us!

Kira Fashion said...

Indie movies are so nice! I really love it!!!

a kiss

Aisha said...

Is driving lessons that bad?. Sucks, because i wanted to see it, at least on dvd as it never came out here. Rupert grint is soo hot, but i personally prefer Daniel radcliffe and his dark hair, so cute.

I Love the circus photoshoot (=


pd. wanna trade links?

Romeika said...

Oh, i'd like to see "Driving Lessons", but so bad it disappointed you...

Sparks said...

I, like you, watched Driving Lessons for the sole purpose of Rupert Grint. I can not explain how mad I was by the end of the movie! It was HORRIBLE! I was ready to just stop watching altogether (but I have an irrational thing where I have to watch every movie I started). It was the most disapointing movie ever. But I do want to see that movie with Jeffrey Licon and the other hott 'ten things i hate about you' guy. Even though the ice princess chick bothers me!! Thank you for telling me it was good, I was debating on weather or not I should see it!