Sunday, August 26, 2007


Ever since my friend, Maddie's birthday, I've been totally attracted to getting peace jewelry, and let me tell you I'm not the only one. I've been noticing a bunch of peace signs all over my high school.

While looking at jeans on I noticed some peace jewelry.

I saw way more Lucky peace jewelry at Macy's but couldn't find any pics online! There were some great bracelets and whatever, if you know some other places with great peace jewelry please tell.

x sara o

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Sunday, August 19, 2007


***I'm so sorry for totally blanking out this whole past week, but school started on Monday, and that along with Cross Country is keeping me very busy.
Thanks so much to everybody for the comments and advice about the J Crew Jeans, I love to here how other people would where things that I own.

I've meant to do this post so long ago, but I kept putting it off. During the summer I re-did my room with the help of some friends, and I just love it now.

What do you think :


I know, I know . . . so boring! Though it was better than the horid green that was there when I moved in.


I am so glad my friends helped me out, because just taping my room took almost 3 days! I owe them a bunch.


I painted all of my furniture black. I like it way more than the puke green, it was before (gross!). I put most of my book on top of the shelf to make it seem taller, since it's not quite the height I would like it to be. The jars on the shelf are full of rocks I got on the shore of The Caspian Sea in Iran.

The curtains are just simple fabric I got from wal-mart and sewed (with the sewing machine I bought while I was there).
The photos are the ones we got in France at one of those stands. Then we got them framed in Iran.

I bought all the big frames and the 3 smaller ones at the local Goodwill for a great price. Oh, and I almost forgot to say. The VOGUE painting was the one I was working on forever, and I finally finished (kept getting side tracted). It's not that great but I love it (mostly because I did it.)

This was inspired by something Courtney Love drew and published in last years "Fashion Rocks" magazine.
I drew this when I was bored in Iran.

I love this photo. - Madonna
I found this on-line. This was in the February Vogue 1993 issue.
All of the magazine pages are from teen vogue (with a few from Bloomingdale's catalogue), and I tried to stay with the theam of fashion in other countries (at least in the top part).

Sunday, August 12, 2007

thrifting . . . again.

So yesterday I went thrifting, I know I know, I'm adicted, but I can't help my self! I went to Value Village Thrift Store and got some running shorts, that I later found out had a whole in them (great . . .). I also went to a consignment thrift store called Alexis Suitcase and got these great jeans . . .

They're J. Crew Trouser Jeans that I got for $7.50. Here I'm wearing with an Old Navy top ($6.99), blue A&F tank ($10), and a bead bracelet I got while in Iran. The jeans are super comfy, and just needed to be mended, because they're a bit too long. Only problem: I have no idea what kind of shoes to wear with them, any help?

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Getting in the mood of Ugly Betty with some chats with Romeika (A Room of One's Own), I am ready for the new season of Ugly Betty, and had to check out her photos on teen vogue.

As you might know, yellow is my FAVORITE color, and when I saw America Ferrera (gosh I love her name) wearing this gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg coat, I fell in freaking love!

How amazing is this coat? And how great does America look?

x sara o

*sorry about the short posts

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Friday, August 10, 2007

FinallY !!!

Finally . . . after spending this whole summer looking for some sunglasses I found a pair!

I found this pair at my local Goodwill. The brand is Sunclassics, and I paid only $1.51 (I have know idea why they put that one cent there!). I didn't really like them when I saw them, but then they just went so well with my face, I'm in love.

(sorry about the blur.)
What do you think?

x sara o

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


TV: So during the summer it's depressing how awful tv is, but one show on abc family hasn't been that bad. GREEK the show about college students and their fraternity isn't too horrible, but guess who had a guest appearance on the latest episode? . . .

That's right lonelygirl15 has a guest role on GREEK. I think that's pretty cool, that someone who started a show on youtube is now getting to be on a show on television. Now I wasn't one of the people that watched her show all the time, actually the only one I ever watched was the season one recap, and for a youtube show it was pretty cool. So congrats to lonelygirl15 for hitting it big!

**sorry about the random totally no topic post, but I promise I will post better SOON!

x sara o

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

First Jump--

One of my favorite things in the world is THRIFT STORE shopping, I absolutely love it! And on my most recent outing I bought my first jumper.

It's an adorable 2 button row navy wool jumper by Ann Taylor.

I know weird picture but I was trying to get the top.

I don't know many ways to wear it so if you have any suggestion please tell.

x sara o

Friday, August 3, 2007

Feel like the Circus?

Okay, so as a part of that huge phase I was going through signing up for every e-mail thing I could, ICONIQUE FASHION MAGAZINE" was one of them. And this time I actually opened to e-mail instead of deleting.

ICONIQUE is having the "Iconique Societás Excellence in Fashion Photography" awards. I decided to check out the nominees, and really like one of the photographers in particular. Her name is Samantha Bremer (hints, the post title), and for her photos she went with a clown/circus theme and they turned out amazing.

Here are a few and you can see the rest of them and see the rest of the nominees here.

These are some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen!

**And let me know what you think of my new header should I keep the old teen vogue one, or the sb one, or a different sb one?
my old one:

x sara

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Indie Film Night

Last night, a couple friends and I had another one of our Indie Film Nights.

The two I chose for last night were: Driving Lessons and Mysterious Skin.


I really only got this movie, because Rupert Grint (Ron: Harry Potter films, in case you didn't know . )was in the film. But it also got the official selection of The Tribeca Film Festival, so I expected great things. But I was sadly disappointed. The film was boring and didn't meet expectations at all. Rupert Grint (I dare say) wasn't even that hot in the movie.


I wasn't actually planning on getting this film, but I saw the guy on the cover, and he was soo HOT! You may remember him from 10 Things I Hate About You. Anyways I didn't know much about the movie or if it even was an indie film, until I saw the trailer, and the movie actually got Official Selection at a bunch of Film Festivals.
The Film was really good! One of the best parts was Joseph Gordon-Levitt being so freaking good looking. And also it was an amazing cast, all really great actors.
The film's storyline is a little odd and just like L.I.E., there's a lot of gays. Defiantly see this movie, it's so worth it.

The cast included Joseph, Michelle Trachtenberg (Ice Princess), and Jeffrey Licon, who you may remember from the Nick show Brothers Garcia.

The cast also included Brady Corbet.

Joshep G.L. in 10 Things I Hate About You, he was 18 at the time.

The cast all together.


Any more recommendations please tell.

x sara o
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