Monday, July 9, 2007

LACOSTE (Does anybody else's title bar not work?)

So watching my favorite part of The Wimbledon Open, Men's singles, I noticed a sponsor I had never noticed in tennis before, Lacoste.

In 1933 French Tennis player Rene Lacoste launched the famous polo. The crocodile on those polos came from a nickname he earned in 1927 when he won a crocodile-skin suitcase in a bet. A friend of his drew a crocodile and he had it embroidered on the blazers he wore, and later onto his new polos. When logos became huge in the 1980s, Lacoste really hit it big and now have a huge empire of much more than polos. I'm actually a huge fan of Lacoste Jeans.
Rene Lacoste, 1927, with his crocodile. This is the exact photo that's in The Fashion Book.
Such a long time ago.
The famous world wide recognisable Lacoste polo.

Knowing all this I was still surprised to see our modern-day tennis stars, Andy Roddick (US) and Richard Gasquet (France), wearing Lacoste tennis wear.

Andy Roddick Ad for Lacoste.
Maybe Lacoste should have thought about if they played against each other. OH, and if you can't tell them apart Gasquet's wearing his hat backwards. Wow.

No longer just polos.

x sara o


Calleth said...

Well René Lacoste was a tennis player, Lacoste is still associated with tennis, isn't it? I think it is here at least.. I like Lacoste, but some of their shoes are ratherly ugly! :P

Romeika said...

It does make sense Lacoste was associated with tennis by its beggining... I mean, it looks primarly like sport wear, besides, it's a very fresh brand and fashion for young people mostly.

Jennifer said...

such an inspirational post you can really see how much the brand has grown and changed, i'm a big fan of lacoste!

Kira Fashion said...

i do like almost all locoste´s clothes...but sometimes it´s too much expensive...

amazing blog!

a kiss

coco said...

im not too into sportswear but there is somethig so cute and preppy i like about lacoste

Moose on the Loose said...

Lacoste is so CUTE. Seeing all of their polos arranged by color in the store/outlet makes me happy. Great post!

Kira Fashion said...´s too much money to pay some simple and sports clothes...

but still good style for sunny dayss...


thanks so much for passing by!

Kira Fashion said...

I saw i like The Smashin Pumpkins too!

they are awsome!! I really wanna see them in this return!

a kiss

thanks so much for passing by ;)

Romeika said...

Your new layout looks nice=)

re:I remember this Sex and the City episode, it was so unusual to see Charlotte dressed as a man because she's so femminine, so girly.


ambika said...

Before Lacoste was re-introduced to the U.S., I can remember hunting down a sweater on ebay. When I went to Europe, everyone was surprised that the brand would have any ironic/retro pull since it never left there in the first place.

Great post. I loved their new ad campaign.

-S said...

oh andy roddick, i love you

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