Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hey everybody,
Sorry, I know I've sucked at posting, but seriously . . . A TON of work! And plus my weekends are filled with Cross Country and last weekend was homecoming!

VOGUE this month was defiantly one of the better. The beginning didn't interest me much but then some of the photographs towards the end were amazing, and VOGUE worthy. The only article that you should skip completely is the the 7 Closet Classic, most of them were horrible choices.

Jennifer Connelly's photo shoot was amazing. This is my favorite one out of all of them, because I love the classic look of a 50's inspired polka dot dress.

This is one of the most VOGUE esk photos I think I have ever seen in any of the recent VOGUE's. Could it be that VOGUE (I always feel I should capitalize it) is making a come back?

Another great one with Phillip Lim.

This is on the oh-so classy look that I love.

And speaking of oh-so classy. How classic does Louis Marie de Castelbajac look?

Yet another photo I can not find anythin wrong with.

No doubt this is my favorite photograph of the whole issue, it's so creative and just amazing!

Now onto some past looks of mine:
This one was from a few weeks ago, I wore my amazing Old Navy khaki wide leg trousers, and an Old Navy (super old) white buttone down, with some navy keds.
Ahh, the trouser jeans return! This time I wore them with a Lux top I got from Urban Outfitters for my birthday last February, I also wore this with my navy Keds.
I wore this on Friday and I loved it. I wore a bright blue t-shirt under a navy 50% wool 1/2 sleeve sweater (old navy) with my old navy skinny jeans, and some awesome kicks.
I got these amazing, vintage Keds at a thrift store for $2! It looks like maybe berlap on top, but I could be wrong, they're just awesome. I love them so much.

I'm in a mood for sweaters and shoes! A couple I'm in love with:
This Free People sweater is simple and cute.

Well, it's no secret I LOVE cardigans, and this one is just great. The longer more ragdy cardigans are very in. American Apparel

This Sheer Rib Raglan Pullover is really nice. You could dress this up, or wear it plain for casual, any way it looks good. American Apparel

This cashmere sweater from GAP is amazing. I love these colors together, very Gryffindor. hah

Wednesday I received the new Urban Outfitters Catalog and I was astonished, there was nothing I did not like. Although it did seem like the prices went up.
I'm in love with this style of shoe, and the color of these is perfect for fall. They also come in gold for something a little more eye popping, but I'm liking the dark gray suede pair. These remind me of tapp shoes.
I think everyone should have a pair of moccasins, because there's going to be a day when they go perfectly with your outfit. These Jeffrey Campbell moccasins are awesome, mainly because there in my favorite color - yellow, and I love the shade of mustard yellow, it's so pretty.
One of my favorite shoe trends of the season are all of the old fashion shoes that are coming back. This pair looks a little bit odd in the front, I think it might be too rounded, but overall it's one cute shoe.
These are my favorite shoes out of the whole catalog! I love these Equestrian boots so much. The shade is perfect, and I really like how they look with dark skinny jeans. Their price tag is not quite too much, for leather boots at least, but these will most defianantly not be in my closet (until sales).

Congragulations to Nicoline Particia Malina who won ICONIQUE's Fashion Photography award!
Her winning photographs can be seen here.

x sara o
*Post will be coming soon

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

post #66 - yeah

(I couldn't think of any other title for this post)

I know, I know I have been so awful not posting, but the loads of work I get are horrible! (yuck) Anyways, this post is pretty random just a bunch of different stuff so here goes.

First off . . .
I finally got my teen vogue magazine, and guess who's on the cover. Mischa Barton! Of course there's no denying her sense of style is amazing, but she's like on every magazine out. And wasn't she just on a cover of teen vogue.
Oh yes. Yes she was. August 2006! Come on teen vogue, some one else, please?!

Now onto the inside of the magazine . . .

I saw this adorable COACH ad. It reminded me of something . . . What was it? . . .
Right right right, those Kate Spade Ad's. I think it's the colors and tights that make them similar. We obviously know what colors are in for fall.

The sweaters in the COACH ad also reminded me of some sweaters I saw in Old Navy.
They are much larger than they seem and very 80's. I love them. At the time I saw them they were $26.50, but no they're $12.50, I need to stop by Old Navy.

Some more versions of that sweater from American apparel . . .

Get these in big sizes and they could defiantly work.

NEW TOPIC: Past looks.
So here are some photos (that my sister didn't delete) of some looks I've worn.

Just an out fit I wore to school, and it's like one of my favorite looks. A cardigan I got from Goodwill last year, and my favorite jeans from Old Navy that I got for $2.99!!
I wore this outfit to my friends' Lauren and Veronica's Birthday. I'm wearing my sister's old Old navy shirt, some AMAZING old navy trouser jeans, a J. Crew vest from last winter, and some adorable wedges of my sister's closet.
This isn't one of my favorite outfits. My J. Crew jeans I got at Alexis Suitcase (a consignment/thrift store) for $7.50, and a polo I got from Goodwill. I love the fit of the polo, that's why I got it.
Wild Sunday Farms? Makes me love the polo even more.
The trouser jeans return, this I actually wore to school Friday. The cardigan is Ann Taylor and I got it from Goodwill. I wore this with some simple classic navy keds.

**I'm going to try to take pictures of my outfits more often, and make sure my sister doesn't delete them!

And for tonight . . .
Saturday Night Live! okay well it's over now, I kind of started the post before SNL and now am finishing it after ward but . . .
Last week I fell asleep during it, but I did see the hilarious short with Andy Sandburg singing to the president of Iran, it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen!
"I'm trippin boo, and all I want to here you say is that you're trippin too"
- Andy Samburg

This week was also pretty funny my favorite part was probably the opening act, and the "Really?" section on The Weekend Update. I also totally loved Spoon. They sounded awesome!!!

I will try to post more often (eek), but until then watch some Ugly Betty, Office, 30 Rock, Gossip Girls, Heroes, and go see Across The Universe

x sara o

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