Sunday, July 8, 2007


Yesterday on Saturday the 7th of July, 2007 many historic events happened.

Venus Williams won her fourth Wimbledon Champion title. She won against Marion Bartoli 6-4 6-1.

French guy Richie Gasquet (HOT) lost against Federer in the semi-finals, leaving Federer to play against Nadal, who won against Novak Djokovic (HOT)

I love Djokovic's name, and just like the sports guy said, Gasquet was beautiful to watch.
Today, actually like right now, Nadal and Federer are playing fot the mens champion. Definatly going for Nadal, I love his capri style.

On another note, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria tied the not with basketball star Tony Parker, in Paris Yesterday.The wedding party was held at the Vaux-le-Victome castle. I think that's such a nice place to hold a wedding, though I heard it was really expensive. But I don't think that was much of an issue seeing how good her show, The Desperate Housewives, is going. The actress romes around Paris, looking so adorable as usual, but that is a really short dress. And finally the wedding day with loser fans trying to get a glips of the bride. I don't know I just think it's weird for people to wait for some body's wedding that they've never met. I could understand if it was the Queen or Princess of a country but no one else.
Paris really loves Eva Longoria.

I devoted my whole day to Live Earth, and it absolutely rocked! I took notes on the entire show (I know I'm a loser), but whatever. Bravo broad casted form 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Live Earth had concerts in 9 cities, across 7 continents, and all were trying to raise awareness of Global Warming. I think it was really successful. Here are some favorites or one that caught my attention.

Rihana and Lincoln Park were performed in Tokyo, Japan.
I don't know what rihana was wearing it was like a black alien suit, with a martian jacket (kind of like the Jennifer Hutsin wore) on top.

Looks like Rihana's hair style is the hot thing in Japan, according to Kumi Koda.

Lincoln Park sounded good, and got the fans totally pumped.

Aussie Stadium
Surfer/Musician Jack Johnson performed at Aussie Stadium. I love Jack Johnson his sound is very surfer laid back, but his performance wasn't that great.
Aussie Stadium was the first time I ever heard Wolfmother live and they were so HOT! Andrew and his band were one of the best, and I just have to say Andrew's hair is pretty wild. You can see there performance for "Woman" here. His sound is so cool.

If I could have chosen any concert to attend it would have been London's.

Snow Patrol sounded really good and Gary Lightbody looked so adorable.

The Black Eyed Peas performed with Fergie and it was good, but Fergie sounded better alone. I loved Fergie's outfit. I think it was the perfect outfit for the concert, especially her sandals (which you can't see).
I was excited David Gray was performing, and he even played one of my favorites, Babylon. He sounded perfect.

I was even more excited for The Red Hot Chili Peppers to perform. They sounded amazing.
I have the biggest crush on Anthony Keids!!!
The adorable Scottish singer, Paolo Nutini performed, though I missed it. "What A Wonderful World"

The lead for the Foo Fighters went for the hippie look with his long hair. The band sounded great. "Times Like These"
Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. She was on fire. Sounded Incredible and looked so good. "Hey You", this was the official song for Live Earth. "Ray of Light"

I was expecting a cool costume and major dancing, but I was disappointed, and plus Shakira didn't sound that good.
Hey, when did Enrique remove his trademark? He looks so good.
I was in the car when Chris Cornell came on, so thank God 92.9 was broadcasting Live Earth. Chris Cornell's voice is so nice I feel so good when I hear it. Watch. .

(couldn't find a photo)
Band: Nanutak
This was the coolest thing I have ever seen. It was totally neat that they got a band to be in Antartica. It must have been so cold! But the band was good and I liked them.
"Would You Do It All Again"

Macy Gray sounded good, and looked good with her shorter hair.

Kenna kicked off the Live Earth New York City.
KT Tunstall looked so cute on stage. She had her tank with a message, shorts, and metallic gold leggings paired with some white sneakers. I loved her nails and jewelry choice. She looked hot.
Leonardo Dicaprio welcomed Al Gore to the stage.
Petra Nemcova looked a little odd with her 2 braids on top, but she gave a good speech. I'm not sure If I would have gone with the outfit she chose, maybe something like Cameron Diaz, very simple and summery (below).

I love his sunglasses.

SMASHING PUMPKINS< This was the highlight of my night, The Smashing Pumpkins reunited. They played Tarantula, watch.
Okay, I lied another highlight. The Police Reunited, again.

**I went to and took the pledge to make some eco friendly changes. Everyone who did that got their name on the tv, or the screen on stage, or on the website. I saw mine on tv "Sara S. - Atlanta" It was so exciting.

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x sara o


Meg said...

Re: The film is French but there are subtitles! =)

Romeika said...

I don't really like Eva Longoria but the minidresses really suit her petite figure, plus she gotta the right legs for it.

Foo Fighters and Red Hot were good, but my fav rock bands performing were Linkin Park in Tokyo (guess was very early in the morning in usa time), Metallica and Roger Waters (i'm a huge Pink Floyd fan hehe). What about Madonna? She really knows how to make a good concert, she was amazing, as always. I also love Chris Cornell's voice, he has such an unique voice.

They didn't know Smashing Pumpkins and The Police on TV here... Overwall, it was a good event.

Moose on the Loose said...

Live Earth was fun to watch. Wouldn't it have been awesome to have been there? Cool post, I liked seeing all of the pictures.

Banana Co said...

Al Gore seems to be ageng like fine wine...he is way cooler now than when he was running for president.

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