Saturday, November 24, 2007

Boujor, then Ovwa

Boujor Bloggers!

Well I'm back from the my American Holiday Break of Thanksgiving. But, soon I'll be overloaded in work again, especially with Midfinals coming up, but let's enjoy this not so overloaded moment with a new post.

And what better to start my post of than with my usual talk of magazines.

This time it's about the December/January issue of teen VOGUE.

For the cover, one word describes it . . . AMAZING!

I felt like I was looking at a 1960's fashion magazine cover. It's so vintage and adorable. Though I don't know know I feel about Natalie Portman on the cover. She looks beautiful and I love the work she does not only on films but in charities and towards the world. Actually she did something for Discovery Channel on Gorillas and it was quite cool. But anyways, it just seems like I see her on many covers, but oh well I can live with her on the cover.

It seems like every aspect of Fashion wants to return to the 80s and the 90s, and teen VOGUE was no exception.

Inside the magazine I found "The Life Aquatic" section and it just made my whole month. It was a total flash from the past . . . and I was in absolute love with it!

The 80s mixed with African designs were so bright and fun. It was the perfect thing to brighten up the dreary fall (going into winter) days. It made me long for the sun of the summer and laying out on the perfect sandy beach. You can expect me to be the girl laying out in her totally 80's bathing suit! Gosh, I can't wait for summer!

On to the 90s.

Oh My Goodness! Acid Washed Jeans making a return, I can totally see it. I'm not really liking them with heels but with some nike high tops they would be more than awesome. (Urban Outfitters)

I was thinking the Nike, but these Reeboks are a nice clean twist on the high tops, and they'll balance out the acid wash.
Urban Outfitters

The 90s sure want to come back. Seriously, how much do these Lux jeans bring you back those early 90s years? uo

So with finals and everything, my life will get busy and hectic fast. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again, but on a last note(for now):

Sadly, as many of us bloggers know, at the start of the new school year many long time bloggers said OvwA to blogspot to focus on their studies. Some that have gone before us are the blogs that I first looked upon for inspiration when I had just started mine. They were some of the first to comment on my blog (yes for quite a few months I was posting basically to myself) and I am thankful to them, because they kept me going. And what's even more sad, is I've already forgotten many of their names, so I'm asking for a little help if any of you can give me the name and URL of those blogs and bloggers that have gone, just in case they come back. And so we always remember them, I will be setting up a "BLOGS OF THE PAST" section.

They will all be missed much.
(For some reason this seemed like an appropriate photo)

Ovwa to all of you but only for now, I promise I will be back.

x sara o

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

HAPPY Happy . . .

Take some time off today and spend it with family, friends, or whatever. Have a good time, pig out, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then tomorrow worry about all those calories you've got to run off. Off course if you don't live in America I doubt you would celebrate this holiday, so to you, HAPPY THURSDAY!

If your bored, families driving you absolutely MAD, try reading the post on <3 Life <3 Style. She wrote an amazing post. Also check out my previous rant on Marc Jacobs.

But if you're looking for something to wear today, I'd go with a gigantic over sized sweater. Much like this one I found in my Fashion Today book.

It looks like the most comfortable piece of clothing in the world right now. This is an Issey Miyake sweater from 1977.
Issey Miyake is one odd designer, but defiantly worth checking out. Issey Miyake

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thursday!

x sara o

credits: english.peope.come, <3life<3style, Issey Myake, Fashion Today

Friday, November 9, 2007

A little bit of EveryTHING

Ahh, yes I found some time to blog!

So almost every fashionable blogger has a deep and everlasting love for Marc Jacobs. But to tell the truth, I've never really known much about him, so I decided to do a little report on him.


The desire of many of your obsessions began April 9, 1963. He was born in the big Apple, New York City. After Art and Design school he entered Parson's School of Design in 1981. Not surprisingly, Marc Jacobs was one of the best in his class. He received numerous awards including the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award, the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award, and the Design Student of the Year Award all in 1984.
His first collection was a line of knit sweaters for Ruben Thomas, Inc, he did this still while in school. But his first collection that was under his MARC JACOB's name he started in 1981. And it seemed like a wonderful few years, because the next year he was the youngest ever person awarded with The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. That next year he became head of women design for Perry Ellis.
But in fall 1993 Marc Jacobs and Duffy launched their own design company of, MARC JACOBS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Inc.

Now that I'm a little caught up with Marc Jacobs, here are some of my favorites from his Marc by MARC JACOBS SPRING 2007 Read to Wear collection


If you didn't watch Good Morning America this past Friday morning, then you missed the story of the Subway Romance.

Patrick Moberg saw the girl of his dream on the #5 subway train in New York City. He never got the nerve to go talk to the girl before she got off, so in hopes to find her he told his story on with a drawing of her and asked if anyone knew who she was.

Lucky enough, a friend of the mystery girl recognized her from the drawing and told him. The mystery girl ended up being an Australian magazine intern named, Camille Hayton.

The 2 united at last.
*Best of luck to them.


My new music obsession was introduced to me be a friend of mine who knew I liked the Shins.

The name of the band is Band of Horses. There just another amazing indie rock band that was formed in Seattle. To me, all of there songs vary dramatically some sound like The Shins, some country, some very Led Zeppelin. My favorite songs are "Is There A Ghost" "Cigarettes Wedding Bands" and "Funeral", but all of their songs are amazing.
You can see their video for "Funeral" here.


I've been in a search for a radio that will better go with my bedroom, and I had to look no further than my own basement.

It goes with my bedroom much better and I adore how it looks.


ON A SIDE NOTE: Sorry about my horrible posting, but school is my first priority.
*And if any of you fellow bloggers have an idea of something I should post or want to know something about me, please comment, I'm open to anything.

x sara o

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