Thursday, March 29, 2007

My school is having their anual 8th grade Georgia Trip today and Friday. I couldn't go, so I'm pretty darn bored. Here are a bunch of stuff I want to get, but everything has to be in clearance and $20 or cheaper.
x sara o
(I usually don't shop at Abercrombie but they had some good stuff on sale)

I love this. One of my friends got this in grey and super big for her, and it's so cute. For $20, it's here

The color goes well with this jacket. $20 here

Love this shirt. $20 here

This shirt is simple and cute. $20 here

cute. $16 here

I need this skirt. $20 here

$15 at american eagle

I love this Trapeze top, very flowy. $12 here.

I know it's going into spring, but the color makes it ok. $20 here

a nice bag. 20 bucks at ae

How adorable is this pear necklace? only $7 at ae.

I Don't really like turtle necks, but love this one. $20 at the GAP

This is a really pretty bra. $15 at GAP (I did not know the GAP made bras)

Minni and Mickey, $6 at alloy

How perfect. $13 alloy

seals $13 here

This is amazing. $13 at alloy

$20 alloy

This screams summer. $10 here

very cute $13 here

i love vests.$20 here

I love this. $15 here

$20 at alloy

wedges $15 here

love them $20 here bunch of other great shoes at alloy but didn't feel like posting them

skull sash $6 at alloy

Monday, March 19, 2007

Victoria's Secret

Ever wandered what rich people do with their money? The owner (who's name i could not find) of Victoria's Secret, buys guns. Being Israeli himself, he thinks Israel should have their own land, so spending his own money he buys guns for Israel. He's even one of Israel's largest suppliers of guns. Sure saves Israel a lot of money. The man is in a constant need to look over his shoulder, because he always has death threats over his head. I can't even imagine his stress level. But I only heard this from my Algebra teacher, who heard it from her friend in Albany where he goes hunting (with like 20 body guards). Though I don't like what he's doing, because I'm not a fan of war, I still love his store, and here are some of my favorites.

x sara o I usually don't like pants like these, but this pair looks really cute.
favorite color

i love these shorts and the cardigan/t-shirt.

Favorite bra in the whole world.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Soccer games are famous for having streakers run out on to the field and it was no different last Friday night at the High School I'll be going to in the Fall. The guy wasn't totally naked, he was wearing a thong. I didn't get to go to the game (though I wish I did), the guys made a video and put in on youtube. The videos kind of blurry, but it's still funny. youtube:soccer streaker

x sara o
This is at a Rugby Game and not so much like the one at my high school, but classic example

Sunday, March 11, 2007


*** During the World Cup last year, I noticed one soccer player on the Portuguese team, Cristiana Ronaldo, #17. He was the only reason I was rooting for Portugal, though I loved the country when I went. A few days ago I was flipping through the March Vogue and guess who I saw? Cristiano Ronaldo. I was so excited I just had to post the photos. He teams up with Daria Werbowy for the Vogue photo shoot. Parts of interview are shown.

x sara o

HOT, and I love that dress.
On being a Casanova: "According to the newspapers I have 20 girlfriends, but I have only met two or three of them."

On soccer or sex, not sure which one of the two, lol: "I am with the ball all the time, at home, whatever. It never leaves me. In fact, I don't know why I love so much the ball, but I do." Is it hot in here or is it just me?

On getting his freak on: "Though I'm very different from the English lads. I don't need to drink alcohol before I can dance. It is natural to me. It's what I do." Groovy!!!

On who is the best dressed in his team: "It's me of course," he says. And guess what, C Ronaldo is soon to come out with his own clothing line, 'CR7.'

From - american urge

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Sorry, I haven't put a post up in a while, but I've been really busy. Now that I have time dresses are the only thing on my mind. I love the mini dresses to wear with sandals, a big tote, and sunglasses. They are the cutest things alive and can be any price. I know there's way more great short dresses than I put on the post, but that would take me forever. If you are looking for a some dress you might also want to try Old Navy the commercials with the dresses are really cute.

x sara o

This is a really cute dress, but I couldn't wear because of the sleeves. I've got fat arms. urbanoutfitters
I love the design on this dress. It's mod, yet simple. urban outfitters When I think of mini dress, a dress like this ccomes to mind. It looks amazingly comfy and I would even wear with my fat arms. Urban outfitters
This is more elegant. urban outfitters
I love this dress Mandy Moore is wearing, and the best part is you might even win it. seventeen it's at the bottom of the seventeen freebies page
very colorful. forever 21