Sunday, May 13, 2007


There's nothing more relaxing after a tough week at school than getting your nails done. Unfortunately it would get quite expensive if you got your nails done every week, which is why I do my own. I know it can be tough painting your own nails sometimes (especially when use the hand you don't write with), but I've noticed my nail painting skills have improved. Which is why for the past couple of weeks I've been painting my nails a different color every week. It's like a small thing I can always do during the weekend and go back to school with a new color. So here are some colors that I love.
You can find all of these at ULTA.COM

I love this kind of color, a dark brown/purple is great ( I would probably go a little darker than this), but mainly for the winter. Breaking Curfew by Loreal PARIS

A simple pink when feeling girly. Trust Fund Baby by Loreal PARIS

Everyone needs a bottle of black nail polish in their collection, I recently just bought a new bottle and now my toes are black. Though I advise not to go black in the summer. Stoke of Midnight by Loreal PARIS

IDK if I could pull off blue nails, but maybe somebody could. Polar Sea Ice by Piggy Polish

For those of you that like the bold pinks, this is for you. Stop Traffic by Rimmel LONDON

I love the turquoise color.
Turquoise Blue by Sephora (they didn't have a photo of the bottle)

Another color everyone needs, white. White by Sephora

This is a nice satiny silver, would def wear this. Birthday Babe by OPI 25th anniversery addition

This is like that brown/purple color, but I think I like this one more. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI Delciously Dark Collection

OPI also had a really cute navy color, but I couldn't find a picture.

********************If any one knows where I could find some Mint Green nail poish (like in the March issue of Seventeen, photos of "In living color") please teel, I have been looking for this color for so long. I need it!

Oh, and how cute were some of the polishes' names?

x sara o


Tru said...

I've been painting my nails a lot lately too...weird huh? great minds think alike

-ciao bella- said...

i've been painting my nails every weekend too- on sundays because that is like my boring day.. and yes i agree that all those names are probably like the most awesome ever. but anyways moving on to the colors- i wish i could pull of blue nails- i was watchcing Devil Wears Prada with my friends a few nights ago and i realized (how dorky of me) that one girl on there has blue nails and i was like- i must try that color! and i must admit that both those blues are pretty amazing. i absolutely love that opi siverish color!! so cute! i love that and i am most definitely going to have to buy that next time i'm at the nail place. thanks for the tip! sorry such a long comment.

Moose on the Loose said...

I'm in love with the whole turquoise nails thing. It's so perfect for summer and spring! I also paint my nails alot too. My toes are almost always red or hot pink. Love all of your picks. Great blog.