Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today was the BEST day EVER!!!

This year totally sucked but today at lunch, it became the best.

We had such a good FOOD FIGHT!
The principle was even in the cafeteria when it happened, and immediately they brought the cage like medal walls down to close off the cafeteria, and so the rest of the grades couldn't do anything. It was awesome.

It was 30 seconds of the best time ever. One girl video taped it and the teachers took it from her to find out all the kids who were throwing food, but they only got like one day of ISS.n Except, for the girls who started it. They have to miss the first 2 weeks of the next school year, that's going to be tough to catch up.

The consequence for the rest of us was to sit and not talk for the rest of the day, and that's pretty much what we did. But first we had to clean the cafeteria and listen to a big lecture about how disrespectful we were.

Here's (armstrong) a video of a food fight, not as long, but way more wild.
But both involved the same screams, and the same cheers afterward.
Armstrong food fight

I'll always remember this year for the food fight!

x sara o

*and like i said a big post is on its way!


-ciao bella- said...

yeah we had a food fight at our school last year and it turned out that like 4 people were suspended... i mean that wasn't really necessary because it was so much fun

alexgirl said...

oh man that sounds fun. I can't believe you actually had a food fight! I thought that only happened in movies and music videos. i could totally go for a food fight right now.
ps-i totally agree about the olsens as bond girls. A bond movie without a sex scene? that's just wrong.

Tru said...

we had a food fight at our school my freshman year I guess and someone edited a video about it and put it on was started by the seniors at our school and a lot of them didn't get to walk at was more like a riot than a food fight though and so ppl were arrested and the entire school was put on lockdown....personally I thought it was completly imature and wasteful but to each their own

Hill said...

wow sounds like a blast!
oh and i heart the dress in the previous post too.

Emma said...

Geez, that's one crazy and famous food fight! My school never had one...:^(

SARAH said...

yOUR Food fIGHT SounDs Awsome I wish food could be throwqn on me Jk SMILE

Proud Parent of an Armstrong Food Fighter said...

Sara, thank you for the description of the punishment for involvement in your school's food fight. My son was involved in the Armstrong food fight and the punishment he and others received was extremely severe, at least that's my opinion. (5 day suspensions, disorderly conduct tickets, expulsion for the instigator) I'm looking for other evidence indicating the school administrators and the school board are out of touch and your blog helps me greatly. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

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