Saturday, May 19, 2007

My ArT

So on abc news every Friday they have a person of the week and last night it was Paul Simon. So now I'm totally in the mood for Paul Simon, right now I'm listening to The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel (I also love the song Mrs. Robinson and Graceland).
Okay on a different subject I'm just going to post some art I have done or just have.

(The song is now Happy Birthday to Me by Bright Eyes, okay I've never heard this)I got this at a thrift store for like a dollar. I love the color, and I am totally in LOVE with jars and glass bottles, they are very vintage to me and I have a bunch I need to paint. The table was my parent's but they said I could use it.

This is the underside of the table below, my mom said the table didn't match her bathroom so I painted it white and added a nice painting to the bottom side, I love looking at it. If this ever landed in the hands of somebody else I want them to all of a sudden see the painting and just kind of be amazed, not neccesarily by the painting itself but just because something is there. (song is now Mrs. Robinson by The Lemonheads)

I painted this a year or so ago after I saw something like this in a store. I know it's pretty bad and is really worn out, but I still really like it.

This is a buisness card from this little cute cafe, O LIRIO, in Portugual I got 2 years ago when I went back packing. The frame was originally silver but I just painted it glossy black.

(song is now Young Folks by IDK) I got this at Wal-mart, painted it black and now use it for my necklaces (though I usually forget to put them back)

I don't own a lot of frames so instead I put this yarn thing up (but I would have rather used a black wire looking thing) and using clothing clips to put up stuff.

(Times a waistin by Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Pheonix in Walk the Line) One of the drawing on the yarn, I was inspired after I saw a drawing Courtney Love did (it was in a Fashion Rocks magazine that came with a teen vogue)

(Hook by Blues Traveler) my signature house, a cute simple drawing

drawing of a pencil skirt with nice tucked in shirt

The are star coat hangers that I got from Wal-mart, they are covered with clippings from Teen vogue, but the weird thing I can't find anything to Hang on them.

(Nightswimming by REM, one of my FAVORITE songs ever, when I listent to it while I run and it's dark It's like the most amazing feel ever) My furniture is a hideous forest green color, idk why I chose it, but hey I was only 10. This summer I'm going to paint it country apple red. Anyways, The top shelf has my vogue magazines, fashion books, and is just one of the cuter shelves. My love for Jars comes back. I didn't like the color of the furniture so much I covered the whole thing with teen vogue pages (and others), literally. It took me a very long time.

(an adidas thing by Karen Oh)I painted the curtain rail black, now I just need sheer black curtains, and made some name collase frames

(1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins) Moving on to my bathroom, the stripes are on the wall in the vanity area, and it gives a very museam/art gallery feel which I love. The house and the heart are in the shower area, notice it's the signature house again.

(Satellite by The Dave Mathews Band) This is the art room/work shop, I know it's kind of a disaster, but whenever I get into something I don't care about being organized.

Here's some stuff in the art room. During The Tinkerbell painting, I couldn't get the same blue I had used before so I just kind of worked it in. The courtney Love girl is there playing with a ball/sun, I know it's not very good I did it in like 5 minutes. The VOGUE painting was inspired by a VOGUE cover I had seen on line, I need to finish the eye after wards I'll frame it in a thin black frame, and on the same wall put the picutres of a bunch of VOGUE covers that I love. The little wooden thing is so cute to me!! Look at him run.

(Under pressure by Bowie and Queen) These are just some random stuff. I got side tracted once while doing my homework and drew the girl. Okay now the lady with her mouth open looks kind of scary but she is one of my favorites because I did her all out of make UP. The little bird things are probably more than 3 years old, and I have more. They are my own SO much easier version of oragamis. I got the little heart thing was from Wal-mart and I painted it black. (For What It's Worth by The Cardigans, I heart the Cardigans)

I hope to do a lot more this summer, but I have a feeling I won't, I guess I'll just do another ART post at the end of the summer.

x sara o

***May 31st I'm leaving for France for 6 days, then to Iran for 3 weeks, I'll be back around June 27th.

Next week is the last week of School (image - from here)


-ciao bella- said...

awesome stuff. i love art (i.e. photgraphy, painting, drawing, etc).

parisian cowboy said...

I love these pictures with hearts.

Tru said...

I love glass bottles as well, there's something so vintage and beautiful abotu them...very old world

alexgirl said...

Wow. That is so much cool stuff. I love seeing how people decorate, adn what they can create. Love the coat hanger, and all your paintings. Adn the yarn picture-holder thing. That's awesome.
Keep showing us more stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

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