Saturday, May 5, 2007


The Dance:
Last night was our school dance, and surprisingly it wasn't that bad. The theme was "The Stars Are Out Tonight" and was decorated really nicely with movie posters, film, red carpet, and all that stuff. The dancing got kind of crazy with people like so close to you, I could feel people rubbing against my butt. The guys all looked really cute, with their aviator sunglasses and 80's jackets, it was a seen from Anchor Man. Of course there were some people that were just gross, but hey it's a dance, whatever.

Mean Creak:
After the dance a bunch of my friends and me went to my house for a sleepover and I finally had time to rent Mean Creek (the movie that I have been dieing to see). The movie was really good. It was an Indie film that never went to theatre so It wasn't that long, and got to the climax maybe a little too fast, but never the less it was a deep movie. The characters were a pretty good mix.
There was the bully, George (Josh Peck, who really isn't much of a bully.

The kid that got beat up by the bully, Sam, played by Rory Culkin

George's big brother, Rocky (Trevor Morgan), who decides to do something about the bully

George's bad ass, dirty mouthed friend, Marty (Scott Mechlowicz), who devices a plan with him to teach George a lesson.

Sam's friend, Milly (Carly Schroeder), who tags along not knowing the George Plan.

Rocky's friend, Clyde (Ryan Kelley) who has never done something bad in his life

All of them went to the lake, some with a plan, others with out, but none expected how the day would end, and how much it would change their lives. It was different from the other movies I've seen. I very much recommend it.
You can see the trailer here

x sara o

P.S. My next movie that I want to see is L.I.E. You can see the trailer here.


Alison said...

that dance sounds awesome
i wish we had themed dances here :(

-S said...

mean creek, how i love that movie!

Touche19 said...

I need to see Mean Creek!!!!
how come I've never heard of it before?!?!?!
this is a disgrace that must be fixed.

-ciao bella- said...

I absolutely want to see that movie now- in fact I'm on my way out to rent it!! thanks for the tip! btw- that's a great theme for a dance, we just had one and our theme was "old hollywood" (kind of the same thing) and I had a great time!

Lama Drama said...

what a fun dance! we dont even HAVE themed dances! [love your blog!]

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

ooh they sound like good movies i want to see them

Moose on the Loose said...

Thanks for telling me about Mean Creek. I'm totally gonna get it off netflix. Your dance sounds like so much fun. Post more about it. Who did you dance with? What did your dress look like? Did you got with a date or did you go cool and solo? I'm dying to know. Sorry this comment was so long.

alexgirl said...

I never saw Mean Creek. But if you recommend it, maybe I'll check it out! And L.I.E. was really good. I think. Okay, I can't remember it really well, but I know I liked it at the time.
And the dance sounds kind of awesome--except I hate it when people get "too close" during a performance. What about the "4th wall" people? "Your dance space. My dance space."

Tru said...

glad you had fun at the dance

alexgirl said...

Good advice! Thanks.
My guacamole recipe:
*2 avocados (make sure they're soft/ripe) mashed w/ fork
*1-3 cloves of garlic minced (I'm a garlic whore so I'd probably use at least 3)
*1/4 cup chopped cilantro
*1 chopped tomato
*1 small onion chopped into teeny tiny pieces
*1/2 a squeezed lime
*palmful of cumin (don't skip this part. it MAKES the guac)
*1 jalapeno (or habanero if you're feeling crazy)
*salt & pepper

Mix together and grab some chips! I could eat guacamole all day. Hope you like the recipe--let me know what you think, if you try it.

Poshhh said...

i just wrote a blog about that guy
readdd it!! hahah

coco said...

i have never seen mean creek
is it worth a watch?
your dance sounded fun

Emma said...

aww, sounds so fun.