Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh how time flies

Since Finals are nearing closer and closer this post will be short and brief, but I felt the need for it today.

Because of all the work I have to do I don't get a chance to watch very much TV, unless it's Saturday Night Live. But good thing I have a close friend of mine who keeps me informed on all I need to know. Just the other day, she told me of an indie film coming to theaters (actually it opened the 5th). JUNO, is the name of the film, and after seeing the trailer I fell in a deep, deep love.


And if you're wondering what the very raw sounding song in the trailer was, you were listening to "Anyone Else But You" by the Moldy Peaches.

And for the last bit of this post before I am off to conquer my work is a pair of boots that I have been eyeing for quite a while

I can picture my self in these boots. Oh, how I lust over them. But they a bit on the pricey side,not too much, just a little, but just enought that these boots will have to wait.

Well its goodbye to me until after finals, but not before one big announcement: GUESS WHAT BLOGGER IS OFFICIALLY PROTECTED AGAINST OVARIAN CANCER?
Me! That's right I've gotten my gardasil shots, and am now worry free about ovarian cancer (not that I was ever worried about it). Just thought I would add this for some laughs.

x sara o

credits:,, maddie s., juno, Jeffrey Campbell, Urban Outfitters


Romeika said...

The boots are very nice, and I really would like to see "Juno", it's been while, too bad it won't open here soon. Wish I lived in the US!


olimpiA said...

don't tell me about time. This February starts my last semester at the University. The boots are good.

Aisha said...

Nice boots =) I'd like to see JUNO, it seems cool, but if it is and "indie film" I'm afraid it will never come out here =L

cotton candy said...

love those boots!! especially the back. it's so cool!

and good luck in your finals!!

Aisha said...

blog soon ;)

Emma said...

Hot boots.

Bianca said...

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Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

oh gosh I want those boootss!!!!!!

la petite fashionista said...

i want to see juno sooo bad! i wish it was playing at more theaters. it looks hillarious