Saturday, November 24, 2007

Boujor, then Ovwa

Boujor Bloggers!

Well I'm back from the my American Holiday Break of Thanksgiving. But, soon I'll be overloaded in work again, especially with Midfinals coming up, but let's enjoy this not so overloaded moment with a new post.

And what better to start my post of than with my usual talk of magazines.

This time it's about the December/January issue of teen VOGUE.

For the cover, one word describes it . . . AMAZING!

I felt like I was looking at a 1960's fashion magazine cover. It's so vintage and adorable. Though I don't know know I feel about Natalie Portman on the cover. She looks beautiful and I love the work she does not only on films but in charities and towards the world. Actually she did something for Discovery Channel on Gorillas and it was quite cool. But anyways, it just seems like I see her on many covers, but oh well I can live with her on the cover.

It seems like every aspect of Fashion wants to return to the 80s and the 90s, and teen VOGUE was no exception.

Inside the magazine I found "The Life Aquatic" section and it just made my whole month. It was a total flash from the past . . . and I was in absolute love with it!

The 80s mixed with African designs were so bright and fun. It was the perfect thing to brighten up the dreary fall (going into winter) days. It made me long for the sun of the summer and laying out on the perfect sandy beach. You can expect me to be the girl laying out in her totally 80's bathing suit! Gosh, I can't wait for summer!

On to the 90s.

Oh My Goodness! Acid Washed Jeans making a return, I can totally see it. I'm not really liking them with heels but with some nike high tops they would be more than awesome. (Urban Outfitters)

I was thinking the Nike, but these Reeboks are a nice clean twist on the high tops, and they'll balance out the acid wash.
Urban Outfitters

The 90s sure want to come back. Seriously, how much do these Lux jeans bring you back those early 90s years? uo

So with finals and everything, my life will get busy and hectic fast. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again, but on a last note(for now):

Sadly, as many of us bloggers know, at the start of the new school year many long time bloggers said OvwA to blogspot to focus on their studies. Some that have gone before us are the blogs that I first looked upon for inspiration when I had just started mine. They were some of the first to comment on my blog (yes for quite a few months I was posting basically to myself) and I am thankful to them, because they kept me going. And what's even more sad, is I've already forgotten many of their names, so I'm asking for a little help if any of you can give me the name and URL of those blogs and bloggers that have gone, just in case they come back. And so we always remember them, I will be setting up a "BLOGS OF THE PAST" section.

They will all be missed much.
(For some reason this seemed like an appropriate photo)

Ovwa to all of you but only for now, I promise I will be back.

x sara o

credits: fashion today,, teenvogue, Led Zeppelin


olimpiA said...

Good luck with your midfinals. I'm at the end of the semester and it is a total mess.Please do not leave us, ok?

tendergirl said...

Lovely blog..lovely post

From Lily With Love said...

nice post, I like the through the ages idea

Eli said...

Those braided jeans are a knockoff some others...of which I cant remember the name right now

jayne said...

ooo just discovered your blog after you commented on mine and i see you have already linked me, i must do the same for you, that was an awesome post, actually they are all awesome :) that is a very fun covershoot w/ natalie, dogs!

also major props to you for the led zeppelin song :)

good luck with midfinals

Nicole Then said...

oh ya, I can't wait to buy this month's teenvogue. I heard there's an intern-spread?

Carolina Lange said...

The cover is really amazing! Great post!

molly said...

i looove that last picture!
and i love the clothes from the life aquatic shoot!

Emma said...

I sort of love Natalie Portman.

cotton candy said...

oh wow, what a blast from the past.

good luck with your finals too!

Heather said...

that's a great editorial! I kind of like the 90s elements that are trendy right now, it's more like classy-90s. No scrunchies or t-shirt clips yet at least! Maybe it's just the advances in photography though...

penelope said...

love love this month's teen vogue!! love the fact that they're engaging girls to do more to help the less fortunate and natalie portman is just amazing!!
love the gossip girls spread=p

JuniJuli said...


giuseppe said...

hi, where's the last picture from? it almost looks like a Chloe ad ^^

giuseppe said...

btw i noticed it's an old teen vogue.. it's US vogue no? does it have the year/month on it...

Anonymous said...

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