Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oh The places I go.

So, with all the free time I have on my hands during my marvelous winter break I have taken it upon myself to read the 6th and 7th Harry Potter books. I know some of you must be absolutely awestruck at the fact that I did not read the books right when they hit the shelves, but oh well I come around to things on my own pace. And I am happy to announce that I have just finished the 6th book.

And in the spirit of Harry Potter, and Christmas, my sister bought me a JCrew cardigan that reminded me of The Gryffindor House. I really love it.

The cardigan has brass buttons, and though the red isn't the correct shade, it still gives the feeling of the Gryffindor house from Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Somehow Harry Potter, as well as a turtleneck I found at a thriftstore has got me in the mood for stripes. So I am on a hunt for some excellent striped pieces.

This is a simple striped Splendid T-shirt.

This isn't exactly the striped effect I was going for, but this is still a very nice striped cardigan by Juicy Couture.

This Rachel Pally Shell Dress is pretty neat, it's great with sandals, but would also work with jeans and boots.

I love these 2 colors together, and as you must know, I adore cardians, so this is really a great striped piece. UO

And for a vest - this is a more baggy, casual one that I really like. By Lux

Something that I have been trying to get into lately is turtlenecks. This Lux striped turtleneck would be really nice to wear a alone and layered.

This Nike scarf is supposed to be for some American Football team, but I like it because of the bold contrasting colors.


Now that I have sadisfied my craving for stripes I'll show some items I have acquired over that past month, or so.

This bracelet, though fake, I still like. My mom salvaged it from a Market parking lot.

My mom bought me the Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue perfume set that I absolutely love. This is my favorite perfume, and I have used so much of it from my mom I am glad to finally have my own.

At a neighbor's garage sale I found this awesome Swiss made watch for 25 cents. Though it's hard to see in the photo, the arms of the watch are a girl and a boy, and the watch has the olympic sign in it. I love this watch so much.

I bought this weaved rose piece from the Unclammed Baggage Annex for $1.49 on my day trip to Alabama.

Speaking of Alabama . . . here's some photos I took on my trip there.

credits: shopbop, urban outfitters,, me, band of horses, Harry Potter, JCrew, Alabama, Unclamed Baggage, my mom, Elizabeth Arden, Craig & Carol, My sister's camera


Bianca said...

I haven't read the 7th HP book yet either. I love stripes. I have so many striped shirts and vests. My mum is just tired of it lol

cotton candy said...

sometimes i love stripes and sometimes i don't. considering i look like a 16:9 widescreen most of the time (lol) - horizontal stripes don't often do it for me. ><"

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

OH yay your back
I really love the cardigan with the gold buttons it's so cute
I really really want the juicy couture one, I'm going to visit the website!

olimpiA said...

I'm glad you're reading Harry Potter, I love it. "Más vale tarde que nunca" I'm looking for a striped shirt, I love you always gime me ideas. Enjoy this year that is coming :)

Seraphine said...

I love the sweater you sister
gave to you. I'm mixed on my
feeling for stripes, I love
the look, but sometimes think
to myself it looks like something
a prisoner would wear, albeit a
very fashionable inmate. Wishing
you a very Happy New Year.

hannah said...

oh! i adore harry potter! but i havent read the last two books either. divine cardigan and post.


Cordie said...

i used to love the book 'a case of stripes!' id carry it around with me thats so weirrddd ahh i havnt though about that in a while man that made me meloncholy but mostly sad.

Gloria said...

what a cute post! love the roses..

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...




Carolina Lange said...

That JCrew cardigan is really nice!
I love stripes!

Tru said...

love that red sweater

roxanaradu said...

i find harry potter very inspirational in fashion

From Lily With Love said...

ooh! Harry Potter! the sixth one was good, but I liked the seventh better

hannah said...

blog soon!

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