Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back! and all wrapped UP

FINALS ARE OVER and I'm free!
So able to post, as much as I want.

First topic, my latest obsession - scarves! They make such great gifts, and keep my neck so warm.

Okay so this one isn't very winter esk but I think this scarf is really cool. UO

This is also a very neat scarf, and I really like the name; Geometric Scarf. UO


Free People


No way would I pay 28 bucks for a tie-dye scarf, it would be way more fun (and cheap) to make it myself. Lucky

So I'm not a big fan of logo pieces, but I like this scarf because it's looks more like random letters, than lacoste. Lacoste

This awesome yellow scarf will brighten up any outfit. GAP

I love the pattern and how thick it is. This scarf will keep your neck so warm. BR

This is such a cool twist to the usual striped sweater, I love it. JCrew

Hope these have inspired gifts, or what to look out for in the after-Christmas clearance.

Yeah, for cold weather!

x sara o

Credits: Urban Outfitters, Free People, Band of Horses, Lucky Brand, Lacoste, Banana Republic, JCrew, me


Bianca said...

Hey I love the scarves. Although they are a tad bit impractical for someone like me who lives in Barbados, i still love em

olimpiA said...

I like to make them by myself. You gave me good ideas

Bojana said...

Cute blog!

Romeika said...

Beautiful selection of scarves, I love the colorful ones and the ethnic-inspired ones as well.

ashley said...

i love the geometric scarf from UO!

cotton candy said...

i love scarves too but it is far too hot to wear one now...i miss scarves

Closetlies said...

well if you love the first scarf, i have an identical one for sale

---a blog from an NYC model trying to see her tiny apartment floor

The Redheaded Bandit said...

merry christmas and have a fabulous new year!