Wednesday, August 8, 2007


TV: So during the summer it's depressing how awful tv is, but one show on abc family hasn't been that bad. GREEK the show about college students and their fraternity isn't too horrible, but guess who had a guest appearance on the latest episode? . . .

That's right lonelygirl15 has a guest role on GREEK. I think that's pretty cool, that someone who started a show on youtube is now getting to be on a show on television. Now I wasn't one of the people that watched her show all the time, actually the only one I ever watched was the season one recap, and for a youtube show it was pretty cool. So congrats to lonelygirl15 for hitting it big!

**sorry about the random totally no topic post, but I promise I will post better SOON!

x sara o

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Kira Fashion said...

You are the second person who i heard about this tv must be good!

a kiss

The Sewing Bunny said...

I am addicted to Greek! Some of it is awkard I think, but even more th reason to watch it :)

Chewy said...

me either!
it sucks.

i have to drive 2 hours, to san francisco.

cotton candy said...

omgosh!! she was on youtube. is definetly a method to get one's self famous. ain't she lucky??

what's greek about? i don't think they have it here in australia...(o'.'o)??

Kira Fashion said...

a kiss

thanks for passing again!

more kisses

Romeika said...

Jeez, i must been living in Mars..Haven't heard of this show at all:-S

The only thing i see on TV these days is "Ugly Betty", i'm addicted to it.


la petite fashionista said...

awe I didnt make the connection that she was the girl in the sorority! I actually really like her character:)


dianabobar said...

that lovelygirl15 was actually a job for her as she is an actress. so they paid her for those appearances on youtube:) but u probably know that already:)

Lake-Shore.Co.Uk said...

Like it