Friday, August 3, 2007

Feel like the Circus?

Okay, so as a part of that huge phase I was going through signing up for every e-mail thing I could, ICONIQUE FASHION MAGAZINE" was one of them. And this time I actually opened to e-mail instead of deleting.

ICONIQUE is having the "Iconique Societás Excellence in Fashion Photography" awards. I decided to check out the nominees, and really like one of the photographers in particular. Her name is Samantha Bremer (hints, the post title), and for her photos she went with a clown/circus theme and they turned out amazing.

Here are a few and you can see the rest of them and see the rest of the nominees here.

These are some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen!

**And let me know what you think of my new header should I keep the old teen vogue one, or the sb one, or a different sb one?
my old one:

x sara

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Alison said...

I never thought a circus could look so fashionable, the theme is awesome

Gloria said...

i agree, love the spread.

penelope said...

its kinda remind of ANTM in which Caridee's the winner!!
great finds!!

loved d post; loved d header=p

Tru said...

I say as for the header do whatever you like but I paticuarly like the old old one

penelope said...

thanks for d comment!
haha. do u live in the states?? cos i wish wish wish tt i had h&m here!!!

Romeika said...

Very beautiful photos, indeed, and i love the colours.

re:It's like in the city i live now, when i need shopping i have to go all the way to a bigger city nearby, since where i live they don't really have many stores, and good ones. But i totally support ur idea of buying a hat;-) Which black one did u mean? The bowler hat?


penelope said...

thanks for d comment(:
guess, we're two very h&m deprived girls!!


From Lily With Love said...

they sort of reind me of the ANTM circus ones.

fashionistakay said...

The old header looks good. You shouls so keep that one!

miss fashion said...

mm keep the picc! as your header!

Anonymous said...

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