Sunday, April 15, 2007

School Accesories

Though the 06-07 School Year is almost over I have a sudden urge to put this post, about school up. When you go school shopping you spend so much on just clothes but you can't forget the school accesories. For this post I'm only going to put 5 items for each category or I would go on forever!

x sara o

One of the most important things you need for school is a bag to carry all of your books.
I like the white color and the pockets on this one. Fred Flare
Okay, I would never actually wear this anywhere, especially in public, but doesn't just totally fit with the category.
Very natural with the leaves. Good for school. Lu Lu's Fashion Lounge
I love this AE everyday tote! It looks like it was meant for school. American Eagle (comes in blue too)

Shiek and modern and only 5 euros! Dorothy Perkins

Tampon Case

It's perfect for tampons right? fred flare
Nevermind this is perfect for tampons. ebay These clutches are called "A Night at the Roxybury Clutch" Depending on their size you could use them for tampons or for hitting the Roxybury, whatever. Lu Lu's Fashion Lounge

Wallet/Coin purse
Though it might be hard to put your money in here you can't deny its adorable. Luella
I love this type of coin purse, they are very classic. The floral design on these puts a spin to the usual one color coin purse and I especially love the vary back blue one. Lu Lu's Fashion Lounge
I love DKNY anything and this coin purse would go great with the fallen leaves tote from Lu Lu's. Ebay

I know SO many people have coach stuff, but I still really like this wallet. The original brown color like this is also a favorite. ebay
I freaking LOVE these! These Anya Hindmarch Metallic Leather Pocket is To-die-for! I like the gold the bestNet-A-Porter

I love the hugging polar bears on this wallet. Frozen Peas Accessories

Instead of the usual skulls this McQ by McQueen scarf has the skulls as jokers or clowns, I like it. MILK
I really like this tulip head scarf. topshop
I don't think I could pull this off, but someone defiantly could. topshop

For the Basic big square plastic sunglasses. topshop
For a little more vintage theres these. topshop
I love this twist on aviators. topshop


These are perfect to slip into your tote. Patricia Field

This is the best lipgloss ever and the mint tastes so good! Bath & Body Works

Key Chains

American Eagle has made these adorable keychains.
Coach has such cute key chains, this is just one of them. coach


-ciao bella- said...

Ok so this is going to be an uber-long comment:
1. love that Lu Lu's Fashion Lounge. the leaf print is absolutely to die for.
2. haha about the whole tampon case thingy- might have to look into getting that one off fred flare
3. that red wallet by Luella is absolutely to die for! if only i had the $$$ to cover it :-(
4. ABSOLUTELY ADORE that McQ by McQueen scarf. i loved that whole skull thing but it's nice that he broke away from all least for a little while.
5. Love those aviators from Topshop. swear they look like designers
6. obsessed with that turtle key chain!

sorry that was so long. great post. xx

morgan said...

love this post!

... and you are right, i like forever 21. they offer some inexpensive designer inspired looks, and i use their website a lot because they offer pictures and it is available to all.


ps: trade links?

alexgirl said...

Oooh! So much eye candy. Things I loved:
*The LuLu bag with the leaf print. So cute and subtle.
*The Dorothy Perkins bag. Again, loved the print, and I'd totally take that bag anywhere.
*The red wallet with the heart on it! So cute. I totally want that.
*all the shades from TopShop. If the sun EVER shines again in NYC i'm getting new shades.
Great post.

Tru said...

omg have you ever seen a nite at the roxbery its such a good movie, cool picks

Emma said...

fabulous post girl!

Fabi said...

oh what cute picks!
I like the schoolbus bag, so different and cute! and that luella wallet ohh <3 love it!

Anonymous said...

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