Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've been inspired to do a post about Forever 21. I got inspired from adorable floral shorts that were posted on Morgan's blog (poor and stylish) and a pair of shorts one a friends from school was wearing, both being from Forever 21. You can find really great things form Forever 21 for less than many other places. I'll put up 3 things from each area of clothing/accesories.

x sara o


I love going to places like Goodwill, thrift stores, and The Salvation Army so this T-shrit was made for me. Though, I really wish it was in a different color. F21
This shirt is very bold and colorful i really like it. f21
I like the color of this tank. f21 more colors

I like this top for its neckline and airiness. f21
The colors go really well on this shirt. Forever 21
YELLOW, my favorite. I like the buttons I like the bust line I like this shirt. f21

Cardigans are by far one of my favorite clothing pieces, I can never have enough. Here's a simple golf cardigan in yellow. f21
Cardigan, again. This cardigan is great for when it's warm outside but because of it's shorts sleeves. It comes in 2 other colors. f21
You can also never have enough hoodies. simple desing cute and casual. f21


I absolutely L-O-V-E this jacket and it's adorable sweetheart neckline. f21
I know another black jacet but I like the skirt like bottom. f21


These are the adorable shorts my friend was wearing, they have cute little apple buttons to detail them. here
I love the yellow plaid, different from the usual. here
Very comfy classic shorts. get it here

this yellow skirt is so cute. h
I don't know what it would look like on, but looks pretty nice on screen. ere


This dress really apeals to me the colors, just everything. here
You could dress this up with heels or something for a cute here
A short little black eyelet dress, perfect. here


I wouldn't actually think Forever 21 had great shoes, but I was totally suprised.
I love these wedges, their not to high that I feel like a skyscraper, and they have a cute design. here
I could wear these with a lot and their similar to the $60 steve madden shoes (below). Okay the pair below wasn't actually the pair I was thinking about, but I think they were sold out or something, and this was the closest I could get. Personally I like th f21 shoes better. f21
I saw these exact shoes at Urban Outfitters but for way more. Forever 21

They had this with yellow leather too but I like this one better, more suttle. here
This white bag could be worn with a lot and I really need a big white bag for the summer. here

belt. here
For some reason I really like this charm belt. its here
Really good summer belt. here

Get this none of these sunglasses are over 6 bucks! - - - score!
get them hereI LOVE THESE!!

Their here I like the three layers on this.
Pretty headband.
Cute head scarf.


I really like this flower
Get em' here

I love bangles and this one is really cute.
Chain link ring
Owl nekclace!

***Finally I'm done! That took forever!!!


Jade said...

Al most that same Salvation Army shirt is at Dealias! Thats weird!


Moi said...

I think their bright bangles are great!

Emma said...

amazing post
love forever 21, i have to admit. it's so cheap and convenient but stylish.

-ciao bella- said...

jesus what a great post...right now i'm lovin that yellow striped top and that yellow cardigan! (i've really been meaning to buy something yellow...) i LOVE all of those shorts and have made a note to get 1 or 2 or all 3 the next time i pop into forever...and i love that first belt and both of those bags! not to mention all that stuff is like uber affordable! xx

Meg said...

I love the way summer clothes look on other people but I'm a winter girl myself.

S. said...

Wouldn't it be clever if Salvation Army (and Goodwill) capitalized on "irony" and produced their own T's?

You are a bad influence. You are making me want to shop.

coco said...

as a sunglasses adict i loved all your selection

Tru said...

the second skirt is very cute, as is the chain link ring and yellow cardgian....I need the yellow cardigan

Moose on the Loose said...

I tried on that green dress for my spring formal. It's sooo cute in person!!!! Great Post!
Come visit me at

Moose on the Loose said...

Thanks soooo much for linking me. I'm so doing it back to you! Blog On!

morgan said...

yeah! so glad i could be inspiring!


Leather Coats said...

I think their bright bangles are great!

Anonymous said...

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