Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here's some exciting news about GAP!
The gap now has a special section called "Design Editions." The line is inspired by the classic white T. The designers include Doo.Ri, Rodarte, and Thakoon who were winners of the 2006 CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund. The line is a little expensive for me, but I am a bargain hunter. Nothing so far is over $100, so it's not grosely expensive. Everything is white, like the classic white T.

x sara o

Shirt dresses always look so comfy to me and the puff sleaves make stand out a little. gap

I love this tank it has bows all over it. gap


alexgirl said...

I'd say they definitely look comfy, but not especially flattering--unless you're stick thin, which i'm not. I walked past the Gap the other day and was kind of horrified at how balloony everything looked. But maybe I need to see it on "real people" and then decide.
Actually, the tank is kind of cute.

-ciao bella- said...

love the tanktop but i'm not all for the shirtdress. xx

Emma said...

i thought i was over designer collaborations, but i guess i'm not. because that tank is adorable. the dress is not my favorite though.