Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday Night

OMG! I almost forgot. Who watched Ugly Betty last night? The last seen where Willamina is at that secret doctor's office was so weird. Did Alex Meade get a sex change, because after she took off all the bandages Willamina was like "Hello, Alex Meade." Then she replies "It's Alexa." First of all Alex Meade was suppost to have died years ago. I was totally cought off gaurd, because I thought it was going to be Faye Summers the editor of Mode before Daniel. So freaky.
And congradulations to America Ferrera (love her name) for winning The Golden Globe for lead actress in Tv Series. I love you.

She looked so pretty and I cried when she one.

Oh, and the Grey's Anatomy last night wasn't that good, but it was really said when the dad died. I almost cried when I saw that girl who Izzie payed for her surgery walk straight up. It was so touching. And I had no idea McSteamy was almost a dad, instead of McSteamy he could've been a McDaddy

McSteamy isn't in this one, but McDreamy is, though I don't think he's that good looking. I like Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). But my favorite Character overall is def Izzie. I love how she bakes when she's understress. So what if she has 8.7 million dollars, she doesn't want to buy new french toast when George makes her burn it.
*If you want to watch the shows you can go to to watch full episodes from the whole season. here

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