Sunday, January 21, 2007


One of my favorite things in the world are sweaters. Instead of T-shirt and Jeans, I'm more of a sweater and jeans kind of girl. I absolutely love them. One girl at school wore this gorgeous lacoste sweater. It had a huge alligator on it and it was half cream and half burgundy, but I couldn't find a photo of it. One of my favorite sweaters is one I got on sale at Target. It was by Paul and Joe and said Paul and Joe all over it, I love it. The only bad thing is I shrunk it in the dryer. I know it sucks when that happens.

x sara o
and still looking for a name for my blog.
This one's a different kind of sweater, but I just love the neck line and the sleeves. More colors urban

The contrast with the brightness of the owl, and the neutral cream really work. urban outfitters
I saw this in the urban outfitters catalog and I fell in love. But it does look kind of itchy.

God! This is so freaking vintage, I love it so much.

This looks extremely comfy, something I would totally want to wear as a dress, though it does look short for that. delias

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