Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

It's been a very happy day, and I think it's because it's Earth Day. I was going to walk to school, but I had to go in early so couldn't. But there is good Earth friendly news -
The head of the Environmental Club has finally gotten back to me, and it seems like we've got an awesome project on our hands. Every year there's "The Taste of Alpharetta" were thousands of people gather on one street and try food, play, and whatever. The event has never done anything about recycling, but this year will, and it seems we will be in charge of it. I can't wait, it seems like a really cool project, and I will be very happy not to see trashcans over flowing with recyclable plastic bottles!

Also, this past weekend my family and I planted a bunch of vegetables. I planted more flowers, and while doing so I noticed my sunflowers are already growing, I'm way excited and I hope they grow to their full size (6ft-12ft)! Now I'm working on getting a compost pile together, which will be very cool.

For You:
To learn some green tips visit liveearth.org

Green Clothing:
There's SO many places you can find awesome Earth-friendly clothing. Popular and easy-to-find stores like H&M, GAP, and Nike, have


Many of the Product Red apparel is made from 100% Tencel, which is all natural fibers.


Lucky Brand:
Lucky Brand makes some of their clothing from 100% organic cotton, like the t-shirt below.

And you don't just have to buy earth-friendly clothing, there's biking, walking, and much more.


x sara o

credits: liveearth.org, www.blog.thesietch.org, myspot.com, H&M, gap, licketyknit.com, luckybrandjeans.com, Kelsee C., EARTH, blogspot.


cotton candy said...

i want a t-shirt that has a huge picture of earth with a smiley face printed on it. ^^

Wendy said...

I really like some of Gap's many basics.

hannah said...

who knew green clothing could be so chic!? i love it.