Saturday, March 1, 2008

Morning Bloggers!
There's nothing better than taking a break from biology on Saturday mornings to do some blogging. This is the second consecutive week I have been able to post on the weekends, so this is a milestone for me, since I am very busy with work during the weekend.

About 2 weeks ago I watched Across The Universe, and the film was amazing.

The film was defiantly like no other. It was a tribute to the Beatles, every song being by them, and it was very well done. If you grew up during the 60's you'll probably appreciate the movie, more than the rest of us can, but it is still enjoyable for the rest.

There were some really great singers and actors in the film.

Jim Sturgess

Joe Anderson, my personal favorite.

Evan Rachel Wood, who you may remember from the indie film Thirteen

And there's plenty more also in the film.

And since the film I've been watching many of the Beatles videos, and I've started to notice something, not only from the Beatles but from my obsession with Harry Potter.

Maybe it's only me but Daniel Radcliffe, better known as J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter greatly resembles the famous John Lennon. I see it.

Now I'm off to go study more biology, but be sure to watch SNL with Ellen Page and Wilco tonight! It's sure to be great.

x sara o

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aschlee said...

you know you're really like the first person I've heard that's watched the movie. I don't know that I'll plan on watching it seeing as how I'm not a big beatles fan... Anywho, after you mentioned it I too see the resemblance between Daniel Radcliffe 'n John Lennon. Good eye :P

discothequechic said...

taking a break from biology? how very discaplined of you! usually it's a case of me trying to take a break from blogging to do work.

This film is on my postal dvd list, and I was about to remove it, but shall keep it on there after your recommendation; certainly sounds an interesting concept.

Fashion Ivy said...

I always wanted to watch the movie. I just haven't had a chance yet. Daniel and John have such a resemblance.

Kira Fashion said...

across the universe is really great movie! i enjoy watched it too! and rachel is really beautiful and a great actress!

a kiss
i am happy you are doing it here!

keep in touch,


Kira Fashion said...


thanks so much for passing at my blog :)

i am still loving that movie...did you watch the oscar winning No land for old man..?

tell what you think...

a kiss

hannah said...

i have yet to see the film. all my friends are obsessed with it. i rented it a couple days ago and tried to watch it but the disk was scratched to no return...i will just have to try again.

great post

Eli said...

I dearly loved across the universe! I cant wait to watch it again soon

Kira Fashion said...

thanks Sara for passing again!!!

a kiss

keep in touch!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I loved this movie too! I have already watched it a few times on dvd since it came out...haha.
Beautifully done. And I'm kinda crushing on the lead actor ;)

Kira Fashion said...

hey dear!

thanks again for passing..

look, did you watch |JUNO?
it´s sooo cool
you have to watch it too!

Nicole Then said...

cool, feel like watching those 2 movies now.

saray said...

love across the universe!
such a great movie!

jim is so hot!
after seeing that movie me and my friend couldn't stop talking about 'jude' for weeks!

i have a video clip from that movie on my myspece page!

people! watch across the universe!
i'm obsessed!

cotton candy said...

like aschlee, im not much of a beetles fan...but yehs, omgosh d.r does look like john.

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