Monday, March 19, 2007

Victoria's Secret

Ever wandered what rich people do with their money? The owner (who's name i could not find) of Victoria's Secret, buys guns. Being Israeli himself, he thinks Israel should have their own land, so spending his own money he buys guns for Israel. He's even one of Israel's largest suppliers of guns. Sure saves Israel a lot of money. The man is in a constant need to look over his shoulder, because he always has death threats over his head. I can't even imagine his stress level. But I only heard this from my Algebra teacher, who heard it from her friend in Albany where he goes hunting (with like 20 body guards). Though I don't like what he's doing, because I'm not a fan of war, I still love his store, and here are some of my favorites.

x sara o I usually don't like pants like these, but this pair looks really cute.
favorite color

i love these shorts and the cardigan/t-shirt.

Favorite bra in the whole world.


Alex Richards said...

Wait--is that really TRUE?
I don't shop at VS anyway, so I don't have to worry about boycotting.
ps-you picked some cute sweats though! :)

Annie said...

i love victorias secret pink! their sweats are sooo cute. thats kinda freaky about the owner though. I love your blog!
<3, annie

Tru said...

not sure I beleive the whole victoria's secret thing but I do love their clothes/underwear

an english girl in new york said...

That is....odd.

Sarah said...

i love the mini navy dress.

Sarah said...
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-ciao bella- said...

that is...let's just say very very interesting... xx