Saturday, March 10, 2007


Sorry, I haven't put a post up in a while, but I've been really busy. Now that I have time dresses are the only thing on my mind. I love the mini dresses to wear with sandals, a big tote, and sunglasses. They are the cutest things alive and can be any price. I know there's way more great short dresses than I put on the post, but that would take me forever. If you are looking for a some dress you might also want to try Old Navy the commercials with the dresses are really cute.

x sara o

This is a really cute dress, but I couldn't wear because of the sleeves. I've got fat arms. urbanoutfitters
I love the design on this dress. It's mod, yet simple. urban outfitters When I think of mini dress, a dress like this ccomes to mind. It looks amazingly comfy and I would even wear with my fat arms. Urban outfitters
This is more elegant. urban outfitters
I love this dress Mandy Moore is wearing, and the best part is you might even win it. seventeen it's at the bottom of the seventeen freebies page
very colorful. forever 21


Tru said...

pretty.....I love dresses

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