Saturday, February 10, 2007


While I was at Urban Outfitters I saw this Jean Jacket with lots of zippers on it. It was very motorcycle like. But I got this huge craving for jackets.

x sara o

double collar bomber jacket at urbanoutfitters

I love how this coat is in navy, it gives it a military feel (or navy). delias

Some trench coats are such a bad material and look so cheap. This one's nice, but very wintery. delias

i love everything about this uo
I am in love with this collar, and i love how the coat overlaps. The color is great too. urban outfitters

I think this might be one of my favorite trenches in the whole wide world. uo

Ralph Lauren is such an amazing brand and this jacket shows it off big time.
Ralph Lauren
I don't see how this one is a jacket, but it's still cute. rL

Actually this might be my favorite trench. It's AMAZING!!

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From Lily With Love said...

I love the Juicy coat and the blue delias peacoat!