Friday, February 16, 2007

Early Spring

**I can't wait to wear spring clothes so I'm ringing in the new spring early! Well, at least the bottom half.

x sara o

How amazingly cute are these trouser shorts? American Eagle
I love these stretch trouser bermuda's, because I love bermudas. american eagle
I'm not the biggest fan of jean minnies but I really like this one. topshop
For some reason I totally love this. topshop
These are really clasic. topshop
i love these. alloy
Another pair of bermudas. Hollister Co.
shorts. hollister co.


Tru said...

all very cute but my faves are the american eagle bermudas I need to pick up a pair of those

From Lily With Love said...

I like the first American Eagle shorts, and the alloy shorts ! :)

S. said...

I looove shorts when they're worn right. That short overall thing is a bit of a challenge. It takes a certain sensibility to make it work.