Friday, May 23, 2008


Summer is here! My last day of school was today, and I am excited! It still hasn't totally set it that I won't have to go back to school for a while, but I'm sure It will settle in soon.
Lately a certain look has been popping up in my head, and I very much hope I could possibly find something like it.

Cardigan, with floral dress, awesome sandals, and an over the shoulder bag.

The floral dresses:

I found this on ebay.

An Anna Sui Ruffle Dress. Not the best floral, but it still fits into the picture in my mind.

This is probably my most favorite floral dress, It's Stella McCartney. I'm in love!

A different kind of floral, but still, nice. Moschino Cheap & Chic

This is the Elizabeth and James "Petunia Dress." If I'm not mistaken this is the the line from Marky-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I've seen some of their pieces, and they're really quite nice, like this dress, especially the back of the dress (below).

Free People "Pretty Poppies" dress, and I agree, very pretty.

Another favorite of mine, this Kimichi and Blue "No Direction Home" dress. It also comes in a pale color, but I love the bold colors on this one, it looks so classic. Something I would have seen at a wedding.

The Sandals:
Alberta Feretti


A pair from topshop, that I don't believe they carry anymore, bummer.

And of coarse the gladiator sandals, beyond gladiator sandals. Ohh, how beautiful they are, one can only dream!

I really like this pair, and they really fit the name, the "Everyday Gladiator." They seam versatile enough to wear everyday.

I also love these, because of the leathery, authentic look they have, they're awesome. "Sunset Hurache Sandal"

The Cardigans:
I'm just choosing some I like, not that will necessarily be right for the dresses above, though I’m sure some will be.

I didn't know Shopbop had their own line, but this is a piece from their.

A Vince cardigan.

This is the Simply Vera line Vera Wang did for Kohls

Also the same line and same cardigan, but I love this color so I had to post it.

The later days cardigan.

The once and for all cardigan.

Basic long cardigan.

American Apparel will always have great cardigans, in any color you can imagine.

The bag:
This one is great if only it wasn't $225

On another note:
Saturday Night Live has been so funny for the past 3 weeks! Last week was the season final and it was with Jim Carrel.

Digital Short

And the week before that was Shia LaBeouf

Oh SNL makes me laugh.

And for the last note, a film: THE G0-GETTER
I usually go to the movies page on Yahoo and watch new trailers and today I saw the trailer of "The Go-Getter."

As for a story line, I have no idea. I don't even know what to think of it. But I want to see it anyways.


This is my first post of summer, and it feels great. Now that I have more time I can post more often, and of course that leaves more time for thrifting (I've just now realized that we bloggers have made thrifting a verb, impressive the power we have!), and I will defiantly keep you updated on my finds!

Until next time, have a great summer bloggers!

x sara o

credits: Sources: Net-A-Porter,, shopbop, urbanoutfitters., american apparel,,, youtube (Jos129)


Hill said...

dman girl. gotta say i LOVE the dresses and cardigans. fab job.

Kira Fashion said...

amazing dresses! i am so in love for that yellow, wow!

Sister Libby said...

The Kimichi & Blue dress is brilliant. And that movie looks so awesome...thank you!

Angie hearts said...

like your styles and I definitely love floral print dresses. By they way, thanks for the SNL Clip, they're hiliarious!!

Angie hearts said...

thanks for liking the dress! and I just linked you on my site, heh

Anonymous said...

those dresses are amazing!
the McCartney´s dress is pure poetry! for real!
i´m so in love with her spring collection!

The blazers with the summer dresses look cool... but i´m afraid is so hot in here that definetly that´s not an option for me... :(

coco said...

The Stella dress is my favourite! I want it baaaaad!

cotton candy said...

lovely dresses.

Anonymous said...

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